Modern Warfare Will Show You Your Kill-Death Ratio For $29

Modern Warfare Will Show You Your Kill-Death Ratio For $29
Image: Activision

Modern Warfare finally offers players the ability to see their death count during matches, but what was once a staple Call of Duty feature now comes at a price.

In past Call of Duty games, the in-game scoreboard for a standard multiplayer mode like Team Deathmatch would show each player’s kills, deaths, and assists. At any point during a match, a player could hit a button to pop up a scoreboard and view their stats.

Many players have appreciated this simple feature, as it can be a great way to check their progress and determine if they need to adjust their playstyle. I’m a player who likes to rush, but if a quick scoreboard glance told me I had more deaths than expected, I’m enticed to slow down. In Team Deathmatch, a mode where every death obviously matters, I don’t want to be the player who accumulated an outsized portion of the death count that caused my team to lose. And in objective-based respawn modes, I don’t want to feed the opposing team a bunch of killstreaks that could cause us to struggle to win the objective.

Unfortunately, deaths are not tracked on Modern Warfare’s scoreboard during most standard modes. The scoreboard only shows the kills and assists for each player. How many deaths each player has racked up is now a surprise saved for the final scoreboard that shows after the match has concluded.

The community has been very vocal about its dislike of the removal of such a simple and constant feature within Call of Duty’s multiplayer, but death counts remain absent from the in-match scoreboards of most modes.

Screenshot: “Time to Die” watch

That upset has grown now that the cosmetic store for December’s “Season One” content drop features a watch that tracks the player’s kills and deaths. The “Time to Die” watch is found within the “Mother Russia” bundle, which is a 10-piece cosmetic collection priced at 2000 COD Points, or $US20 ($29).

There aren’t any stat-boosting DLC items in Modern Warfare, so this doesn’t give the owner of the watch any other gameplay advantages. But seeing one’s death count should be made available to all players, not just those willing to pay for it.

Modern Warfare’s inaugural Battle Pass is a huge step up from the loot box nightmares of last year’s Black Ops 4, but it seems outlandish to have a watch in a $US20 ($29) cosmetic bundle provide a lacking staple of Call of Duty’s in-game scoreboard. Whether this was orchestrated to sell cosmetics or completely unintentional, the fact remains that a DLC watch is now the only way to see your death count in most game modes.


  • Here with my popcorn, waiting for someone to defend it as its ‘just a cosmetic’ microtransaction and doesn’t affect the core gameplay.

    • I certainly wouldn’t defend it, but that is a legitimate argument to make, and is an undeniable point. The only issue here is that it used to be a default feature and now it’s not so that annoys people who care about that meaningless statistic.

      • People should be wary of using ‘undeniable point’ as an attempt to block conversation. In this game, it’s something that provides an ingame function, so it’s not purely cosmetic alas. It’s completely deniable.

      • Also, (answering here (post 2/2) to avoid moderation hell) what is a ‘meaningless statistic’ to you, might not be to someone else. Lots and I mean *lots* of pro-gamers and wannabe pro gamers use such a stat to measure their qualitative and quantitative performance ingame. I’m sure you considered that first before replying though that it was ‘meaningless’ 🙂

  • hey, maybe people should stop buying the yearly iterative base game?

    shit like this is only going to get more and more egregious.

    • Don’t be silly! You’ll be able to shoot it for free… you’ll just need to pay to refill your gun energy after shooting it a certain amount (or watch an ad to get one free magazine reload)

      • Now you mention it an ad-incentivised ammo reload would be an funny addition to a game like Cyberpunk. So long as it wasn’t a main roster weapon but, instead a joke gun used in one level that lets you watch an obnoxious hologram ad that took up most of your FOV during a gunfight to get more ammo. Commentary and all that.

  • Bait………..and switch. Knew this was coming. Christ they are compulsive liars! First there was monetising a red dot reticle, now it’s fucking game stats!

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