Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Already Has A Death Pit

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III Already Has A Death Pit

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III multiplayer is already available in some parts of the world, and players are noticing some terrible spawn points on certain levels. Quarry in particular seems to be a death pit, with players appearing right in front of the enemy camp at various points just to get slaughtered for quick XP and killstreaks. Call of Duty is so back.

Modern Warfare III’s campaign came out last week for players who pre-ordered the digital edition of the game. It was super-short and kind of garbage. But players have much higher hopes for the game’s multiplayer and zombie modes, which go live November 9 into November 10. They’re especially excited for a host of remastered Modern Warfare 2 maps coming to the game after launch. In the meantime, however, early players are already discovering some bad spawn points circulating on some of the maps.

Gif: Activision / ImSippinTeaInYooHood / Kotaku

As first spotted by PC Gamer, players have been passing around footage of a spot in the Quarry during Hardpoint matches. The team spawns will occasionally sync up, leaving one batch of players to pop into existence right in front of the opposing side, who then quickly sends them back to the countdown timer screen. “Quarry is perfectly balanced,” joked one player sharing a clip on the Modern Warfare III subreddit. “Sooooo… maybe the #MW3 Quarry spawns need some tuning…” tweeted another accompanied by footage on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Players have been quick to point out that the spawn issues don’t appear to be rampant throughout all of the maps or even on other modes. Some played Quarry on Hardpoint and didn’t encounter the issue at all. Others weren’t so lucky, but chalk it up to typical day-one roughness. “Same shit happened to me for a good minute lol,” wrote one player. “Felt like I was playing Shipment.”

Sledgehammer Games will likely address the spawn issue in an early patch. For now players can seek it out for some quick XP farming. After all, those attachments aren’t going to unlock themselves. And if you’re planning on playing Modern Warfare III but haven’t already downloaded it, you might want to get started. The total install size is over 200GB and a maze to figure out thanks to the franchise’s unintuitive new Call of Duty HQ launcher.

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