Plague Inc. Is Adding A Game Mode About Fighting A Global Pandemic

Plague Inc. Is Adding A Game Mode About Fighting A Global Pandemic
Image: Ndemic Creations

Plague Inc. is a video game in which players create and cultivate a deadly pathogen in order to wipe out as much of the global population as possible. In response to the real-world covid-19 pandemic, developer Ndemic Creations is working on a new game mode where players work toward stopping a deadly global outbreak.

Plague Inc., a hit mobile and console game with a loyal player base since its 2012 launch, is in an uncomfortable place right now. Over the course of the past several months it’s gone from a fascinating “what if?” scenario to a dark echo of current events. In February the game was banned from app stores and Steam in China because of the uncomfortable correlation.

Along with a $US250,000 ($431,612) donation split between the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, developer Ndemic Creations’ response is a new game mode for Plague Inc. that’s all about fighting the spread of a global pandemic. The mode is being designed with the aid of experts from the World Health Organisation and the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network. Players will manage disease progression and boosting healthcare systems while juggling quarantines, triages, social distancing, and the closure of public services. Basically all the things the world is dealing with now, only in this mode, we’re the good guys.

No word on when the new Plague Inc. game mode will launch, but it will be part of a free update for all players when it does. Check out the game’s website for more information.


  • I can only hope there are some aspects involving the choice to ignore politically motivated bullshit and actually prioritise the well being of people said politicians are meant to be serving…

    • That’s where the difficulty modes will probably come in.

      “But… but… we’ll lose so much money if we take effective measures to stop the spread of the virus!”

      “I can’t comply with these directives, they’ll inconvenience ME, personally!”

      “We’re going to order people to self-isolate meaning they can’t eat or pay rent, but we won’t support them, because they should’ve had savings. OH WOW, WHY AREN’T THEY OBEYING?”

      • Who could’ve guessed that closing everything but essential services would result in millions being out of work?!
        Don’t these people have stock portfolios and huge tax payer funded salaries and pensions like us?!

        • Seriously, though, there need to be COVID-19 courts set up, after this.

          They need to examine who was taking actions to take advantage of the pandemic to make additional profit, and those who took actions that were detrimental to public health for the sake of profit.

          I’m thinking evictions that have occurred in the last month, debt recovery actions, price-gouging, industrial relations violations, etc.

          I’m not suggesting jail. But I am suggesting that it needs to be identified who suffered unfairly and avoidably, and who profited, and adjustments need to be made.

          • I’m suggesting jail.

            So much of this decision making has very clearly been motivated by financial and political gain or limiting such losses, and fuck all to do with the health of people.

            I also saw it suggested by someone yesterday that they wouldn’t be surprised if rent gets increased across a lot of areas once this crisis is over just so property owners can recoup their personal losses… As such I can only hope anyone who tries gets fucking pulverised for it.

          • I would love to see that but I wouldn’t hold my breath, politicians tend to have vested interests in many of the companies and businesses that stand to make a lot of money out of the crisis or enough information to avoid losing too much of their own.
            The closest we might see is some companies and individuals slaughter as sacrificial lambs but the government won’t peel back the scab too much because they won’t want people to see just how rotten it is under the surface.

      • It’s a little fucked up that easy mode in trying to contain a pandemic equates to listening to health professionals screaming to do things you should have done weeks ago… Taking into account the literal glimpses into the future you’ve been given by the other countries who got hit first… And to stop thinking it magically wont be as bad here as you spend time fucking about over the political point loss of looking like you overreacted, all the while looking like you overreacted is precisely the outcome something like this requires to be truly effective.

        But you know, here in reality we instead have schools in contact with confirmed cases being told they can stay open.

        • You’re not wrong. I was saying we needed to lock down Australia – starting with public places & schools 3 weeks ago after I looked at what was happening in Italy and the rest of the world.

          You could also apply the same to climate change except it’s been 30 years of politicians messing it up.

          • That is a whole other oddity of its own… One of the best things I ever heard from someone opposed to climate change was a comment along the lines of, “I don’t think it’s a thing, but there is no downside to actively trying to build towards better, renewable and cleaner solutions.”

            So many people oppose proposed alternative solutions or ideas because the moment someone mentions climate change in the same sentence all they can see is red.

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