Kevin Conroy’s Giving Batman: The Adventure A Familiar Voice

Kevin Conroy’s Giving Batman: The Adventure A Familiar Voice
Batgirl, Batman, and Robin racing into battle. (Image: Dan Mora, DC Comics)

Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, and Ty Templeton’s Batman: The Adventures Continue digital-first series is breathing new life into the Batman: The Animated Series continuity by puling a number of classic characters from DC’s comics into the story that never made it into the television show. Everything about the comic’s tone and style are meant to create a cinematic reading experience, and this week the book’s getting a little extra help courtesy of one Kevin Conroy.

This Thursday, Conroy’s taking over DC’s Instagram feed to give a dramatic reading of The Adventures Continue‘s first chapter, in which the Dark Knight does battle with a large robot terrorising Gotham before coming face to face with yet another enemy from a nearby city. Conroy’s voice is as much a part of what made The Animated Series iconic as its animation style or its surprisingly poignant storytelling, and so this dramatic reading’s likely to add a new depth to your reading experience. Plus, who doesn’t want a little more Kevin Conroy Batman in their lives, anyway?

ImageArt from Batman: The Adventures Continue. (Image: Dave Johnson, DC Comics)

The first issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue is available to download now, if you want to take part in tomorrow’s reading, which begins at 3 am AEST.