SNL Sketch Features A Terrible Call Of Duty Twitch Streamer

SNL Sketch Features A Terrible Call Of Duty Twitch Streamer

Saturday Night Live returned after a hiatus away for a special and strange episode created at home by its cast and crew who are all practicing social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the filmed-at-home-sketches featured a streamer trying his best at Call of Duty and failing.

The sketch starred Mikey Day, who seems to be your average streamer bro. He decides to play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone for the first time. However, in the gameplay shown in the sketch, it’s clear he’s just playing a standard deathmatch in Modern Warfare. Warzone is the large scale battle royale mode added earlier this year. Maybe that was part of the joke?

This sketch is basically just one joke, repeated over and over. This guy sucks at games. Eventually, after getting killed too much in Call of Duty, he gives up and claims the game “crashed.” Then he turns on Super Mario Bros and what do you know, he ain’t any better at that game either.

SNL last night was surreal. Tom Hank was on hand to be the virtual host and the cast did a decent job creating a show out of sketches and videos all set in apartments and homes. Nothing memorable or super funny, but it was still impressive they even tried to pull this off.

The Twitch streamer sketch wasn’t great, but to be fair to SNL, the show has done much better gaming-related sketches in the past.


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