If You Know Japanese, You Won't Forget These Lyrics For The Star Wars Imperial March

Screenshot: JohnWilliamsVEVO

School lunch in Japan varies from day to day, but it usually contains these two things: milk and bread. In Japanese, milk is gyuunyuu (牛乳) and the type of bread served is called koppepan (コッペパン).

So nearly everyday, kids in Japan can count on getting milk and bread or gyuunyuu to koppepan with to meaning “and” in Japanese. And now, thanks to this man, I am now aware of these totally unofficial Japanese joke lyrics:

Which I cannot unhear when listening to the actual “Imperial March,” a truly badass song. Really, I cannot.

The march sounds as though Star Wars is really about school lunches and reminds me of how “Chewbacca” can have a very different meaning in Japanese. Gyuunyuu to koppepan, gyuunyuu to koppepan. 

Thanks @dwvcd! I guess?


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