Social Distancing Cafe Opens In Tokyo

Social Distancing Cafe Opens In Tokyo

In what must be an oxymoron, a social distancing cafe has opened in Japan. The name? Social Distancing Tokyo.

As the cafe announces in an official release, when patrons enter the cafe, they need to use hand sanitiser and submit to a mask check.

Talking is not allowed unless you are in the Zoom room.

Here is said Zoom room.

Tables are spaced two meters apart, and there are, free WiFi, a TV, and electrical outlets.

The cafe, which is located in Ikebukuro, purports to be an easy place to work, with lounge-style music playing in the background.

The fee for one hour at the cafe is 500 yen ($7), drink included. Five hours is 1,000 yen ($14), while a full-day is 2,000 yen ($29). 


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