Famous Game Logos In Arabic

Famous Game Logos In Arabic

A few years ago we featured the work of Egyptian graphic designer Ibrahim Hamdi, who took a bunch of big game logos and translated them into Arabic. He’s now back with more, and these are even better.

Volume 2 of Hamdi’s GLAM (Games Logo’s Arabic Matchmaking) features games like Fallout 76, Doom, Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls III and Cyberpunk 2077.

The cool thing here, of course, is that he hasn’t simply translated them (or, to be more accurate, transliterated them), but recreated them seamlessly within the design principles of the original Western logo, then dropped that logo onto the box art.

I’ve posted a few highlights below, but you can check the whole project out at Hamdi’s Behance page.


  • This is pretty cool. I wonder how legible it is to a native reader? The GTA one just looks like a bunch of angled lines to me

    • I know Arabic. This is very legit. it is also Farsi as well since they use the same alphabets. keep in mind in Arabic you read right to left.

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