Fortnite Is Finally Out Of Early Access

Fortnite Is Finally Out Of Early Access
Screenshot: Epic Games

Nearly three years after the launch of Fortnite: Save the World — the original survival defence game barely anyone played and not the battle royale afterthought that became a worldwide sensation — Epic Games is ripping off that early access bandaid and declaring Save the World a real, premium game. Battle Royale and Creative are losing their early access labels as well. Their little games are growing up.

In a post on the Fortnite website, Epic details the changes coming to Fortnite: Save The World with the switch from early access to… just access. The developer has decided to continue offering Save the World as a premium game, meaning people who wish to play must pay. Folks who purchased founder’s packs for the game will be upgraded to the next level of founder’s benefits, with Ultimate Pack owners gaining a new Metal Team Leader Pack and 8,000 V-Bucks.

The downside to leaving early access is Save the World updates will be slower post-release, and in the coming months it will no longer be able to support cosmetic items purchased through Battle Royale. The upside is the introduction of seasonal ventures, unique season-long adventures crafted to give Save the World players stuff to do instead of the same old stuff they’ve been doing.

Read all about the changes coming to the newly-out-of-early-access game over at the official website.

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  • I didn’t buy the game because it was supposed to be free to play a year later. I had always hoped that I would get to play Save the day, but they’re so focused on Battle Royale now that I won’t even bother

    • yeah me too. i was just waiting for it to become free. the choice now to keep it paid does not encourage me to finally pay for it since ive waited so long already im content to continue not playing it. with the amount of money battle royal brings in you would think a similar free to play model would be the best decision.

    • I got it when it launched Early Access, because StW was pretty exciting to me. Tower defense! Traps! FPS! Cool art!

      The thing languished in development hell until a side-team whipped up BR over a weekend and it exploded the fucking world, leaving StW behind.

      I’ve seen the updates. StW is never going to be what it was meant to be. The early plans for that campaign are done. Battlepasses and bullshit are the bleak future.

      I’m really disappointed.

    • Yeah kinda reminds me of H1Z1, Those devs promised the SP portion would be kept updated with fresh content but it was all but abandoned shortly after they separated the two games.

  • I hope this encourages more players and that the game does well!

    Seriously though, I finally got into Fortnite BR earlier this year and it’s a great game. The one aspect of it that I hate is the construction stuff, but it turns out you can still win games if you completely ignore it.

    Then Warzone came out and honestly I haven’t looked back. If only Warzone would come out on my phone.

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