Star Wars: Squadrons Briefly Appears On The Xbox Home Page [Update]

Star Wars: Squadrons Briefly Appears On The Xbox Home Page [Update]
Screenshot: EA/Xbox, Kotaku

It appears a new Star Wars game has leaked a little early, based on a large advertisement that appeared on the official Xbox website today. The splash image has since been removed, but not before the internet noticed.

Earlier today, Gematsu and others noticed that a new and unannounced Star Wars game was being advertised on the official Xbox website. That image was quickly removed. Before it was taken down, Kotaku visited the page and took a screenshot of it.

Update: EA has officially announced Star Wars: Squadrons and will be releasing a trailer for the game Monday, June 15th (that’s Tuesday Australian time) where we will probably see some spaceships and squadrons.

Original story follows.

Screenshot: EA/Xbox, Kotaku Screenshot: EA/Xbox, Kotaku

There’s a good chance Squadrons is the next Star Wars game from EA, the same game that leaked back in March via according to our own reporting, it is one of two Star Wars games currently in active development. This project was described by Jason Schreier in a report earlier this year as “…a smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive in Montreal, Canada.” The other in-development game is reportedly a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order.

Kotaku has reached out to EA and Microsoft about Squadrons.

Based on the imagery in the leaked artwork, Star Wars: Squadrons appears to be focused on space combat and will be set in or near the original trilogy era of the franchise. Considering how many people loved the dogfighting and spaceships in Battlefront II and how popular previous X-Wing and TIE fighter games have been, it seems like a good option for the next EA-published Star Wars game.


  • Oh man, I really hope they’re going with a great single-player campaign like the brilliant X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and not a multiplayer focus like the incredibly disappointing X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.

    • I’m just gutted Criterion aren’t doing this. They’ve wanted to for so long, but hey, at least someone at EA pushed this up the chain.

      Also, EA’s having a bit of a decent 2020 already. Apparently even NFS: Heat is good now with co-op?

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  • Really hope this isn’t a battlefront asset flip, but given EA I wouldn’t be surprised.

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