After A Long Wait, Red Dead Online’s Next Big Update Is Out July 28

After A Long Wait, Red Dead Online’s Next Big Update Is Out July 28
Screenshot: Rockstar Games

After seven months of waiting and player protests, Red Dead Online players are finally getting a big new update, including a new Outlaw Pass, on July 28. GTA Online will be receiving some big updates and new heists later this year as well.

Rockstar announced the updates today via a post on its official blog. Next Tuesday’s Red Dead Online update will add a new Frontier Pursuit role that will focus on naturalism. A new Outlaw Pass, Red Dead Online’s version of a battle pass, will also be released in the next update. Alongside these two big pieces of content, Rockstar is promising “tons” of community requested fixes and features.

Red Dead Online Players Dress As Clowns To Protest 7 Months Without An Update

After seven months without a significant update, Red Dead Online players have decided to send in the clowns. The hope among many is that dressing up as clowns will get Rockstar’s attention and encourage the developer to bring a new update to the game a little faster. Plus, it’s something...

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This is especially big news for Red Dead Online players, since the last major update was in December 2019. Players have recently started in-game protests to bring attention to the lack of updates, which involved dressing up as clowns and running around the world of Red Dead Online.

GTA Online will also be receiving new updates this year, including new heists that will be in an “entirely” new location. What does that mean? I’m not sure! It sounds exciting, though. No dates were given for the new GTA Online updates.


  • I swear to christ, I’d be all for these passes if they’d rebalance the economy and get rid of the ‘gold’ system? I’d buy them regularly, I love the online mode, but the way it feels like a goddamn Mobile game with how you spend so much time grinding stupid amounts of time just to afford anything is ridiculous 🙁 It’s just plain double dipping.

    • Much as I’d like to agree, I sort of can’t simply because I actually really enjoyed the time I spent capping out the last outlaw pass.

      And the gold system is precisely why I didn’t pay a cent for it.

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