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Back in September, Rockstar started adding weekly legendary bounties in Red Dead Online. These new legendary bounties have unique cutscenes, new voice acting and are designed to feel like big cinematic missions. The first two were great. The three since then have been as well, making legendary bounties some of the best content in the game.


I was getting off my horse to grab a dead bird I had just shot when my horse decided it was time to go to the bathroom. So it started pooping right there in the woods. Of course, this isn’t a problem. Horses in Red Dead Online poop and they do it where they need to. But what concerned me was the frequency and timing of my horse’s pooping. It seemed like he was pooping too much.


Earlier this month, Red Dead Online received a big update which added new career paths to follow, new items to collect and new challenges to complete. One career players could choose was the life of a bounty hunter and to support this path, Rockstar has been releasing some wonderful bounty hunter missions. It’s the sort of content RDO needs.


Today’s Red Dead Online update is a big one, adding three new career paths, a battle pass system, improving how combat and movement feel and giving players more ways to earn items, emotes and weapons. This new update gives players more reasons to log in every day, but you might need a lot of gold.


More than half a year after release, Red Dead Online is still mostly what you make of it. As players await fresh content, it’s hard for some not to seethe in envy when they catch a glimpse of, say, Grand Theft Auto Online’s glitzy new casino. One Red Dead player, however, is making his own fun by turning his Wild West wanderings into a photo safari. The twist? He’s photographing cow-men and women he’s never met and sending them surprise snapshots of their own journeys. Even when they murder him.


When you think about the cougars in Red Dead Redemption 2, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fear. Or maybe injury? Or that scary growl that big cats do before they jump on you and rip your face off.

What probably doesn’t pop into your head is just how dang cute these big cats actually are, when they aren’t attacking you.