Red Dead Online Players Are Frustrated After Months Without A Major Update

Red Dead Online Players Are Frustrated After Months Without A Major Update
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The last major update for Red Dead Online was released in July 2021. Since then, the game has received no major content updates. As 2022 starts, RDO fans have become fed up with the lack of content and communication from Rockstar and have collectively started the #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign to… well, save Red Dead Online.

Blood Money was the last major content update Red Dead Online received and that was all the way back on July 13, 2021. And calling that a major update is a bit generous, as Blood Money mainly added some new, but not entirely unique missions to the game and a new currency. It was a fine update, but when compared to recent GTA Online updates, which have added loads of content and featured big names like Dr. Dre, it’s clear one Rockstar game is more loved than the other.

This has, as you might expect, upset Red Dead Online players who feel like Rockstar is letting the game die in spite of all the potential it has to be something big and special.

All of this came to a boil on January 6, when Rockstar announced a boring month-long event in Red Dead Online that didn’t add any new content, but instead increased payouts on old missions and activities. This dull event seemed to be “too little for too long” and in response, a large number of players began tweeting their frustration and anger using the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag.

Now, days later, the hashtag continues to trend on Twitter and more and more players continue to share stories of how much they enjoyed playing the game and how they now feel abandoned by Rockstar.

Of course, some have used the hashtag and the growing frustration with Rockstar to lash out at devs and others on social media, pushing some RDO fans to fight back and remind players to not be abusive arseholes towards the people making the game or players who still enjoy it.

While I understand that making games is hard and during the era of covid has only gotten harder, I also get the frustration of these players.

I’ve enjoyed playing RDO, but haven’t touched the game much in the last few months because there just isn’t much bringing me back. Meanwhile, GTA Online continues (even during covid) to receive massive and fantastic updates, adding new features, missions, events, vehicles, music, and more every five to six months. And sadly, for fans of RDO, that just hasn’t been the case for the online western for years now.

For many, it’s not even just a demand for more content updates, but a call for more communication from the publisher and developer behind RDO, GTA V, and more. Of course, Rockstar Games hasn’t responded to the campaign yet.



  • It was clear from the start that RDR2 was going to struggle with the online model that Rockstar has become so obsessed with.

    We just want fun but all they see now is $$

      • True but it wasn’t that long ago that you could expect legit single player DLC’s and spin-offs, all that died the moment GTAO came on the scene.

        When RDRO dropped it was painfully clear the question wasn’t how to make it work as it’s own beast but how to make it another GTAO.
        Some folks were ok with it but a lot (myself included) just saw it a starting GTAO from the start with all the barriers, none of the content in a cowboy hat.

        Priorities shift but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognise whats being lost or mourn it.
        (Kinda like the last Final Fantasy, it felt like the end of an era, for better or worse)

        • i fucking hate GTAO purely because it killed of any notion of there ever being a singleplayer expansion pack or DLCs for both GTA5 and RDR2.

          Theres so much that can be added RDR2 that would work in both Offline and Online Play. hell just riding around New Hanover and Tall Trees at night time can easily accommodate a super natural DLC like undead nightmare, like not just zombie but werewovles, wendigos other native american folk lore creatures.
          Having DLCs actually focus on ranching and hearding and Rodeos, full proper bounty hunting etc

          • Agreed in every sense of the word. When we first started playing on the 360 YEARS back (a decade plus now!) GTAO was fun, it was interesting. However, in that first month, a mate of mine gave up. He ranted and raged, calling it ‘fucking cancer’. He raged about how ‘if this is the future of Rockstar, fuck Rockstar’. I still remember him raging and us sort of laughing and being all high and mighty thinking ‘Nah they’d never ever screw us with an imbalanced game model… they’ll give us DLC too!’

            Eleven or so years later, boy, how right he was huh? No DLC of any real worth, a repeated game model in their other mega franchise that failed on it’s arse and a company whose primary founder jumped ship. I hate that Rockstar has become this monster that feeds off itself, that sucks the microtransactions out of the whales. I’m *glad* that everything I owned in GTAO came from a hacker one night gifting me a billion dollars, then we raided every single store we could… only to have our money (but not our goods!) taken away by Rockstar… only to repeat this at least three more times 🙂

            I hate we missed out on Undead Nightmare 2, I hate we missed GTAV DLC (which was allegedly even made and then cancelled!) and I hate the self-destructive piece of shit Rockstar has become with GTAO RDRO and GTA Remastered…

            And I REALLY hate the rumour that GTA6 may actually be a live service game.

            I never thought I’d say this, but fuck Rockstar. Fuck them completely.

  • Really sad, The online portion had so much potential but Rockstar seemingly didn’t allocate enough resources or didnt want to put in any effort.

    RIP RDO.

  • RDR2 is one of my favourite games of all time – no contest – but I have no problem at all with how it’s been supported with online. This is just the same old issue of entitlement that people have these days.

    The size and depth of the single player game is massive and worth every penny. They could have released Chapters 1 – 6 as the main game, and then released chapters 7-8 as DLC later and could have gotten away with it, and I don’t think anyone would have felt too ripped off.

    It didn’t need a multiplayer mode, but it DOES have one, and the content that is there is pretty fun and actually pretty extensive – all for no extra cost. It’s not like it’s a ‘games as service’ type system where there’s a monthly subscription fee. I’ve had stacks of fun in RDRO without paying a single extra dollar for ‘gold bars’ or whatever, and it’s been easy to save funds in the game to do all the professions I’ve been interested in.

    Don’t get me wrong – more content would be appreciated, obviously – but I’m sure if RDRO had the player base to support it then I’m sure it’d get it. Expecting a company to invest money where there’s no profit to be made is crazy.

    • Fair opinions but free to games like this are literally defined as games as a service, not to mention completely reliant on content to attract players and make the money.

    • RDO has no player base because there is no content.

      It’s current situation is entirely the fault of rockstar. Not the playerbase.

      It’s not entitlement to want a portion of the game to be good. I paid for the damn game.

  • I’d also add that I don’t think even R* could have predicted GTAV’s popularity enduring this long – they’re probably just as ‘WTF’ as the rest of us.

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