There’s A Bridge In Red Dead Online That Can Fling You To Mexico

There’s A Bridge In Red Dead Online That Can Fling You To Mexico

The excellent trampolinists at Eurogamer report there’s a bridge in Red Dead Online players are using to fling themselves out of the map. Bear with me a moment, I’m workshopping Facebook taglines:

  • A Bridge Too Far

  • The Bridge Over Troubled Slaughter

  • An Occurrence At Shit Creek Bridge

Nailed it.

The denizens of Reddit have been spending their week experimenting with this strangest of glitches, visiting a bridge near McFarlane’s Ranch to see how far they can sproing themselves into the horizon. I mean, god speed to them. What better way to wile away a holiday week in the middle of lockdown, than to catapult yourself through fictional skies?

You need to find your way to Hannigan’s Stead, between McFarlane’s Ranch and Armadillo, where a pair of bridges sit perpendicular to one another. The Southern bridge has a sweet spot at either end, three or four planks in, into which you’re going to want to lob something like a knife or tomahawk, which — for reasons that should never be fixed — causes the bridge to begin manically spasming. Step upon it, and hope.

Just please, don’t take horses on the bridge.

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