“OK” Hand Gesture Removed From Call Of Duty

“OK” Hand Gesture Removed From Call Of Duty
Screenshot: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The “OK” hand gesture, added to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone earlier this year, has been removed from the games, presumably because of its growing association with white supremacists.

While neither Activision nor developers Infinity Ward have yet to comment on the removal, as Eurogamer report it’s been missing for around a week now (since a June 30 update), and was quickly noticed because it had become one of the most popular emotes in the games.

Which is understandable! It was a cool emote, and was very useful for showboating with one hand while you gunned someone down with the other.

But as this New York Times guide explains, it has also over the past couple of years become associated with white supremacists. And yes, that association started as a “troll” from 4chan back in 2017, as some critics of the gesture’s removal from the game have pointed out, but if you’re looking at the world in 2020 and thinking this is still some kind of “joke”, where have you been.

One of the wildest things I’ve seen this week has been beardy white men wearing headsets, talking angrily into YouTube videos lamenting how weak/stupid Activision and Infinity Ward have been for falling for a hoax. If that’s your first take, instead of blaming 4chan arseholes or Nazis, then I honestly don’t even know anymore.

The “OK” gesture has since been replaced with “Crush”.

Screenshot: Call of Duty: Modern WarfareScreenshot: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


    • I’d appreciate if they could appropriate waving politely to people and saying hello…

      Get the real dangerous stuff removed from society.

      • Wait, if you do the OKAY symbol, and I stick my finger through the hole, does that mean f*** white power?

  • I can’t help but feel like we’re going to far. I don’t agree with any type of prejudice, but, the OK symbol?
    I think I’ll just start flipping everyone off in real life, at least, so far, that still has one meaning.

    Reminds me of the “Good Morning” speech Dave Chappele does in Undercover Brother.

    • The ok gesture is a staple of auslan…. what are you going to do ask everyone who speaks sign language to completely change the language? Or how about foreign non english language words like the danish word “slut” which means “finish”? Should we go and tell the danish they are an obscene bunch and request to change the word to our english sensibilities?

      Its all about context.. unfortunately context is very much dead.. better be safe and censor the offensive word/sign of the day then risk offence being caused because context and common sense is dead… bloody hell people we are hitting peak 1980/V for vendetta thought control territory here =/

    • Agreed, it’s like the removal of racist imagery from companies like Uncle Ben’s. They’re making changes in all the wrong places, instead of making changes in more pivotal endeavours like laws & funding. They want us to be happy with breadcrumbs to give the illusion that some real change has been done after all the protests.

  • Symbols are only given meaning to what society ascribes to it..

    If a fairly common and positive symbol was attached to something negative as an innocuous joke and said joke was then made to be taken seriously because through society being “gamed” to believe it is now offensive..

    My line of thinking is less “where have you been living” and more exactly how malleable (to put it politely) is society now that you can be made to believe and ascribe something completely ludicrous as a joke to be taken seriously to the point it has become “reality” for society..

  • Fun fact: The “Ok” hand gesture is actually already offensive in a number countries with meanings ranging from “You’re a zero” to “Arsehole”.

    • I mean if you do it upside down, with both hands, and put it up to your face and look through the holes, you’re a super hero.

  • ok so lets remove one gesture because although it simply means OK and has no legitimate racist connection, the made up connection is to white people, and white people bad.
    we shall instead introduce a gesture that means black power and all the racism that involves, but thats fine, cause black people good.

    • you going to make that same argument for say, the swastika? A religious symbol that existed for at least a thousand years before it was appropriated?

      Because unless you’re going to try and tell me the swastika is fine and people who don’t like it are being snowflakes, you’re being hypocritical. Things mean what people say they mean. Enough people have started using that symbol to mean “I am a nazi” that it means “i am a nazi” now.

      • Two distinctions to be made.

        Firstly, the ok hand symbol had an immense and widely understood meaning before being attributed to a small facet of society who ascribed to it an ill-meaning. On the other hand, I’d argue that an overwhelming majority of people have no idea that there was an original meaning to the Swastika symbol, to them it’s exclusively the Nazi Swastika and not the original religious icon.

        Secondly, the original icon is still being used in a multitude of places. At least, until clueless foreigners throw hissy fits: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/japan/12105102/Japan-to-remove-swastikas-from-maps-as-tourists-think-they-are-Nazi-symbols.html

        I guess if you want your life to be dictated by dumb people then be my guest.

        • The overwhelming majority of people from Western countries, probably, but I struggle to imagine the same to be true of the majority of Asia. It was a symbol of divinity for most religions coming out of India (Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc) that on their own account for a quarter of the world’s population, and have a lot of cross-pollination with the majority of other Eastern religions, covering China, Japan, Korea in the northeast, and all the way down to Malaysia and Indonesia in the southeast.

          I’d imagine the rise of the Nazi party’s use of the swastika was as odd to 90% of Asian countries as white-supremacists’ current usage of the “OK” gesture is to us.

      • Fairly certain the Nazis rotated the Swastika, so it is essentially a different symbol. One way is ok, one way is not. One way has religious connotations, the other doesn’t.

        Hitler also used Christian symbols (while being a staunch atheist) to further divide the German people from the Jewish population… We going to start banning the cross on the grounds that the Nazi’s commandeered that also. *Roll’s eyes*



        even if every single one of them started using it the fact that they make up FUCK ALL of the population destroys your argument.

        you are insane!!! this leftist stupidity in the media and social media has called everything and everybody racist for so long it has convinced you that racism is everywhere.

        lets review some of the so called racist things shall we ;milk, bedrooms, golf, women, Ghandi, band-aids, rice, mathmatics, butter, skin care products, toothpaste, white people speaking, white people not speaking.

        even if you are able to determine these things as being stupid it all helps to create the hysterical culture you so clearly swim in.

        please wake up you are being gaslit into hysterical overreaction by authoritarian lunatics, you are on the wrong side mate the authoritarians are never the right side.

    • Also holy shit ascribing the meaning of “black power” to mean the same thing as “white power”

      What the actual fuck, mate?

    • Jesus, you’re mistaking one gesture for another in a desperate attempt to be offended (the crush motion as depicted is not at all similar to the hand gesture you’re thinking of) and then you equate ‘white power’ to ‘black power’ as though they are the same.

      I won’t try to tell you where you went wrong, that never gets results, but you are very wrong and this is a very silly comment.

      • To be up front, I agreed with most of your post and the overall intent.

        “I won’t try to tell you where you went wrong, that never gets results”

        But this? That’s just a genuinely dangerous idea to be spreading. It’s one thing if you simply don’t want to take the time to educate/correct here and now, I can understand that. But to imply that the idea of trying educate someone as to why/how they’re wrong because it “never gets results” is utter garbage.

        That is precisely how things end with no meaningful discussion being had, and nobody learning a damn thing. And why people are never allowed to show they’ve bettered themselves from stupid shit they said a decade ago. So people just get shouted down, screamed at and no effort is made to educate or listen.

        • Understandable, and I do see your point – in general I think we should always aim to educate rather than put down individuals and no-one, least of all myself, measures up to my own ethical standards so I absolutely agree that people should be judged on their ability to better themselves and improve from whatever point of ignorance they started from rather than by whatever they might have said in the past.

          The phrasing wasn’t great, but in this specific case I don’t think I can tell people what’s wrong with comparing ‘black power’ to ‘white power’. The people that do so are either willfully ignorant or actively racist, and I think calling them out as either isn’t helpful for anyone, and trying to explain why as a white guy is just not my place. Whether they actively decided to ignore the contexts behind both or not in my experience it’s not productive to try to explain why it’s idiotic, but rather to tell them it is and hope they might take the time to do even the smallest bit of research. I would hope if they look into the facts they’ll find them easier to understand or swallow than if I try to present them. If they don’t look into them they wouldn’t have listened to me anyway.

  • OP O-KKK still a great success to this day. Media can’t admit they were baited so they doubled down and desperately tried to make it look like they weren’t super by a 4chan prank.

    This is by far the most successful /b/ OP.

    • That’s not true, the prank was discovered and reported almost instantly as it kicked off on social media and while it may remain little more than a joke for some, you can’t ignore the fact that others quickly legitimised the negative usage directly or by using the prank as a cover.

      • You do realize by treating this obvious prank more seriously than it should be, You are giving it infinitely more power than it should have.

        Nazis also consume water and Oxygen, does that mean H2O and O2 are nazi symbols?

        • If it’s getting power from the attention it’s receiving, then shouldn’t the people who started the prank also bear some of the responsibility for that? for creating it’s visibility in the first place?

          Also, original OP post said something like – “leftists have dug so deep down into their lunacy. We must force to dig more, until the rest of society ain’t going near that shit.” If the specific point was to force people away from a particular ideology, is it even a prank at all? seems more like a specific political goal to me.

          • The point of OP O-KKK was to demonstrate how gullible and idiotic US liberal media is by taking the most innocuous symbol and convincing them it’s actually a white power symbol.

            As this article among others has demonstrated the OP was a great success.

          • Well, no? The point was to discredit US liberal media. So more political agenda and less prank really. If it was aimed at all US media generally I could maybe understand the prank angle more.

  • A few years ago people from 4chan and somethingawful were trying to get people to think the ok hand meant white power to prove some people will believe anything. They were right. It’s the same thing that happened with flat earthers, people mocking it as a real thing turned into genuine morons jumping on the band wagon.

  • So, what if actual white supremacists start(/ed) using it, precisely because it was initially a prank. Wouldn’t that give it the perfect smoke screen?

    • That’s exactly what I think is going on here.

      Irony and ‘humour’ are frequently used as safe ways to experiment with extremist beliefs – whether the pill is a placebo or not doesn’t really matter if the effect is the same. The nazis know this. I don’t think it wasn’t just an innocent prank, but rather a dogwhistle aimed at encouraging the use of another dog whistle, but even if it was just a joke to begin with it worked for a reason.

      Symbols are ascribed meaning by how they’re used, and if people are trying to deny it is being used by nazis they’re either so far out of the loop they can’t really comment or they have a reason for wanting to keep the dog whistle inaudible for the general population (that is to say they at the least sympathise with nazi beliefs or interests). If a diver or someone using sign language uses the gesture obviously that means something very different to when a nazi terrorist uses it right after murdering a bunch of people.

  • Hahahaha. holy sh*t this pure retardation.
    As said in the article. This ‘symbol’ was purposely made into crap meme/shitpost pics as a joke specifically to show how moronic people censoring things can be. and this is like 1 year plus ago. I remember seeing a tiny reaction to it then, so “funny” (read disappointing) to see the morons taking the bait now.

    And the person writing thsi “article” saying, “no you can’t point out this is all a troll because then it points out how overly butthurt people get”. You didnt make any actual point about how it is in any way an actual offensive things to do. Just solely said ignore the fact its all a joke.

    • Also for that first part before it seems like im calling the “article” writer on ‘pure retardation’. I meant the situation is such.
      I mean the writer seems like a goober for sure, but im not gonna call them out that hard.

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