The Full Bugsnax Song Is Out And It Slaps

The Full Bugsnax Song Is Out And It Slaps

2020 has been a year filled with pain, suffering, bad news, murder hornets, disease, and overall bad vibes. Luckily we got a small break in the form of Bugsnax and specifically its wonderful, catchy theme song. And now, I’m happy to report the full song is available. You can listen to it now. You should.

The full song was delivered via a pre-recorded performance by Kero Kero Bonito during today’s Summer Game Fest stream… thing. Who cares about that! Instead listen to the full, splendid Bugsnax theme song.

For folks out there who haven’t heard, Bugsnax is a game developed by Young Horses, the people behind Octodad. It was revealed during the PS5 reveal event back in June and the catchy song, even just a snippet of it, got stuck in many folks’ head. Composed by British indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito, the song is punchy, fun, and digs into your brain almost instantly. Which is fine, because I love it.

If you are hip and cool and prefer listening to your music on vinyl, don’t worry. The catchy song is getting a vinyl release, complete with a scratch-and-sniff record cover.


For those who want to stream the song on their streaming service of choice, here you go. Now, let us all enjoy Bugsnax and hope the game is even half as great as this damn song.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×169.gif” title=”One Week Later, The Bugsnax Song Is Still Looping In My Brain” excerpt=”I’ve had the theme song from Bugsnax stuck in my head since last Thursday’s PlayStation 5 reveal. Its name is never far from my lips and is often the answer I give to completely unrelated questions. My brain’s default resting state has been set to Bugsnax. Is that bad? It…”]

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