Monash University’s Elite Student Scheme Now Covers Esports

Monash University’s Elite Student Scheme Now Covers Esports
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Esports is becoming a more legitimate career in Australia, with Monash University announcing that their Elite Student Performer Scheme (ESPS) will be expanded to cover esports.

In a press release, Monash University outlined their goals for the program: To bridge the gap between students in isolation and create opportunities beyond gameplay, including for future employment.

“Monash is committed to helping eSports students combine academic success with sporting achievements,” said Martin Doulton, Director of Team Monash in the press release. “Through the ESPS, students can compete competitively whilst undertaking subjects that teach them about game design and immersive environments.”

The scheme offers physical training, sports psychology and nutrition sessions, and extensive preparations for inter-university competitions among other services. It’s designed to help elite esports students balance their workload with their gaming commitments, helping manage any conflicts they face.

For a full list of eligibility criteria and how to apply for the ESPS program, visit the Monash University hub here.

The newly expanded ESPS program will run alongside Monash’s already robust esports clubs, activities and social services, led by the Monash Electronic Gaming Association (MEGA). As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the team will run socially-distanced competitive and social gaming sessions for all types of gamers.

“Working with TeamMonash and the students from MEGA, we’ve been able to offer a competitive experience within a structured and supported ecosystem,” said ORDER general manager and League of Legends esports caster, Jake “Spawn” Tiberi.

“Students get more than just a chance to compete at a high level, they also have an opportunity to become the  next generation of elite Australian talent in eSports.”

If you or someone you know is interested in Monash University’s esports offerings, they’re holding a digital ‘Open Day’ experience from Saturday, August 29 until Monday, August 31 where you can learn more.

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