Rumoured ‘Atlantis’ Area Appears In Fortnite

Rumoured ‘Atlantis’ Area Appears In Fortnite

Fortnite’s water level has been going down throughout the season, unearthing old points of interest that are a little worse for wear. Dataminers have been finding hints of a new area, which players have named Atlantis. That area appeared on the map today, officially named Coral Castle.

Coral Castle (not “Carl,” alas, as an early glitch dubbed the area) is in the northwest corner of the map, sunk into a wall of water where a whirlpool used to be. Players previously found the outline of the area by tinkering with their graphics settings. The wall of water around Coral Castle is imposing and a bit tricky to climb out of. The area is full of ancient-looking ruins and giant coral growths. There are plenty of chests, and while I haven’t found any special loot or secrets there yet, I did give an opponent dibs on a chest to be a nice guy, only for them to immediately turn around and kill me. As you’d expect of a new Fortnite POI, it’s pretty busy right now, so use caution if you’re going to check it out.

Slurpy Swamp is also back, and the Fortilla area appears to have changed direction. There’s also a spaceship above the water near Craggy Cliffs that has its own multi-step local challenge. Unlike at Coral Castle, players in this area were pretty peaceful in my solos match, even though I was only able to complete two of the three parts of the challenge before the storm got me.

Fortnite's spaceship (Screenshot: Epic/Kotaku)
Fortnite’s spaceship (Screenshot: Epic/Kotaku)

FortniteIntel notes that “With this update, the water is now back to the proper level,” which sets the stage for whatever the next step of developer Epic’s plan is for the rest of the season. Could it be cars? An Aquaman boss? The kindness of strangers letting me complete the damn spaceship challenge without killing me senselessly? We’ll have to find out.

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