Sniper Elite’s Board Game Has A ‘Hitler Shot In The Balls’ Miniature

Sniper Elite’s Board Game Has A ‘Hitler Shot In The Balls’ Miniature
Gif: Rebellion

Like every other video game ever made that has sold more than four copies, Sniper Elite is being turned into a board game and sold on Kickstarter. And If you pay a little extra for the “Deluxe Upgrade Kit”, you get a plastic miniature of Adolf Hitler getting a bullet in the ol’ meat and two veg.

Which, in case you’ve missed it, is a key feature of the Sniper series:

The game itself sounds cool (in the way that only board games can manage, where simply listing the premise and setting is enough to get people excited). One player gets to be the sniper while up to three others control the German forces. The sniper gets to sneak around the map unseen, while the Germans are trying to find him, protect targets and/or, in a worst case scenario, prevent the sniper’s escape.

This being Kickstarter, the more you spend the more stuff you get, and so while the basic box looks fine, the Hitler figure above is joined by all kinds of fancy special miniatures, upgraded tokens and expansions if you’re willing to go above the minimum spend.

Image: RebellionImage: Rebellion

The game is due to ship around this time next year.

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