Borderlands 3 Is Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

Borderlands 3 Is Coming To Next-Gen Consoles
Screenshot: Gearbox / 2K Games

Gearbox announced today that Borderlands 3 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in the future and these next-gen versions will support three and four-player split-screen.

These new ports will available for free to current owners of Borderlands 3 on PS4 and Xbox One. Those older consoles will also be receiving an update in the future that will bring support for vertical split-screen co-op action. No date was given for when to expect these new next-gen ports.

Gearbox also confirmed a new paid DLC pack coming out later this year which will add new skill trees for all playable vault hunters. 

Borderlands 3 is one of many current-gen games making the leap to PS5 and the new Xbox consoles. Doom Eternal, Elder Scrolls Online, Division 2, Destiny 2, and Grand Theft Auto Online are all making the leap to next-gen consoles sometime in the future too. Most publishers and developers are taking the same path as Borderlands 3 and letting players upgrade to the new consoles for free, assuming they already own the current-gen versions. However, there are exceptions, like Control. Players will have to buy new versions of that game if they want to play on next-gen.

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  • Ah yes, phase 1 of ‘next generation’, calling everything ‘next generation’ and porting every old game over for that ‘new look’ shine, but ‘last gen gameplay’ aesthetic. Let’s get this out of the way quickly please. It hung around *far* too long on the 360/PS3 and stank out the PS4/XBO for far too long too.

      • Good luck. I’ve played RDR2 on Xbox One, Xbox One X, and two different PCs using HDD, SSD and even a higher end NVMe m2 drive.

        The only really noticable change was going from HDD to SSD, even then it’s still stupidly long in my mind.

        Honestly, GTAV and RDR2 seem to have completely arbitrary and nonsensically long loading times (for both singleplayer and online) compared to basically any other games around. It’s absolutely what stopped me playing even more of their online multiplayer than I did, because it was always a whole thing just getting the damn games going.

    • It’s really not that bad. Anyone currently playing or has yet to play it, gets to finish/start playing it with faster loading and (hopefully) some improvements.
      If someone isn’t playing it…then why should they care if it’s ported or not

      • I heartily disagree. Every generation we see a lazy bunch of ports and upgrades, instead of companies working on new IP’s. Granted it’s done because it’s easier for them to simply update some resolutions, upscale some textures etc and charge more for the ‘new version’, thus gaining themselves new funding, but after a while it gets to be old hat. Usually it’s a process that exists for the first two years of a new consoles lifecycle. It was excessively pollutant in the 360’s first years of it’s lifecycle.

  • I will believe the performance when I see, the games performance on PS4 pro was simply abysmal. One of the worse of the entire generation. There is no use offering a resolution mode or FOV options if your game function with them.

  • Scary to think it’s been a year since Borderlands 3 came out (to the day). I swear I thought this game was still brand new..

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