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Sony started porting PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4 in December 2015, beginning with the games such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Twisted Metal: Black and Dark Cloud. There are now just over 50 PS2 games playable on the PS4, but the pace of new releases slowed from a trickle to a drip.

It now appears to have dried up entirely, but there are plenty of great classics that were left behind.


News of the next generation of consoles has slowly trickled out over the last fortnight. None of the news gives us a clear view of either Sony or Microsoft's consoles -- instead we've only gotten teases of each. And those teases have had wildly different focuses. On one hand, you have rumours of what Sony's hardware will look like, and on the other hand, you have rumours of Microsoft distribution tactics.

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E3 2018 is here, and companies have already announced more games than you can shake a Joy-Con at. But what about consoles? The last few years have seen E3 inundated with either rumours or news about new consoles from the big three. This year's gaming expo has been a touch on the lighter side when it comes to hardware announcements, but still had an interesting reveal or two from the show's biggest players. Depending on your console of choice, that might be a good thing.