Chatot Has A Human Tongue

Chatot Has A Human Tongue

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Chatot!

Chatot Details

Type: Normal/Flying

Average Height: 1′ 08″

Average Weight: 2 kg

First Added In Generation IV

Stick your tongue out. Look at it. You might need a mirror. OK, go get a mirror, I’ll wait. Or actually, use your phone’s camera. OK, yeah much better. That’s easier. Now… look at your tongue. Really look at it. Sort of strange-looking ain’t it? The veins underneath it at the bottom freak me out. I remember having a nightmare where someone cut them. AH! Anyways, imagine that the human tongue of yours sticks out of the mouth of a parrot Pokemon. Congratulations, you are now mentally picturing Chatot. Or more likely, you are still thinking about the whole vein thing. Sorry.

Chatot looks like a parrot wearing a musical note as a helmet. And yes, it possesses a tongue that is very human-like, which according to Bulbapedia, allows it to speak like a human. Or at least mimic a human. Which is similar to real parrots. In fact, I had a real parrot as a pet when I was younger. Her name was Dolly and she could sing songs and say little things like “How are you?” and “I love you.” I hated that bird because it bit me a few times.

Screenshot: The Pokemon Company
Screenshot: The Pokemon Company

Unlike Dolly, my shitty pet bird, Chatot doesn’t bite to defend itself. Instead, it uses its mimicry abilities to sound like other Pokemon. So if big ol’ Charizard is after it, it will pretend to sound like a fellow Charizard, and apparently that works. It appears Chatot is very lucky or a lot of Pokemon are just stupid.

It doesn’t just mimic humans and attacking Pokemon. It can also mimic any other noises it hears and it can even arrange these noises into beautiful songs. Which sounds nice, if you are awake and outside chilling on the patio. But if it is like 6 AM on a Saturday and you have the day off, that sounds terrible. Even worse if the song it sings contains sounds like dogs barking and garbage trucks collecting trash.

Favourite Fan Art

Chatot Has A Human Tongue

Are there other Pokemon shaped like musical notes? Could someone on Esty create a magnet set that lets you make music with Pokemon? If not, don’t take this idea, I own it.

Random Facts

  • Speaking of music, Chatot uses its tail as a metronome while it sings. Not sure how it evolved something like this, but it also has a musical note for a head. So it seems evolution was having a bit of a laugh with this one.
  • Less a fact and more an assumption but does having a human tongue mean it can french kiss people? There are some folks out there who desperately want to know the answer to this one.
  • Chatot is the only Pokemon that is not Legendary or Mythical to be banned from Generation V’s Global Battle Union.

Best Comment From Last Week

“The internet is filled with mostly two things: Cats and angry people.” Really?!?!?

Porn and Ads!


I don’t know what you mean. Ads! We don’t have any of those around here at Kotaku

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