Disintegration Released In June, Closing Servers In November

Disintegration Released In June, Closing Servers In November
Illustration: Disintegration

Disintegration, a shooter released earlier this year by V1 Interactive (headed by Marcus Lehto, one of Halo’s creators) tried some interesting stuff, but ultimately couldn’t find much of a fanbase. And so its multiplayer servers are due to shut down just five months later.

“We have made the difficult decision to remove Disintegration’s multiplayer modes from the game across all platforms”, reads a statement on the game’s website. “This will be done in phases over the coming months, starting today with the removal of the in-game store, and will conclude on November 17th with the full removal of multiplayer.”

The game’s singleplayer campaign will be unaffected.

“From both the development team at V1 Interactive and publishing group at Private Division, we stand by the creative risks taken to launch such a unique, genre-bending game created by this small but talented and passionate team”, the statement continues. “While our player base showed interest in the single player campaign, the game unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience.”

Zack played the game back in June and didn’t really dig it. I liked it a little more, if only because I have a soft spot for robots who wear jackets.

The Art Of Disintegration

I know the game came out a little while ago now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but things on this planet have been busy, you know? And so tonight we’re circling back around to feature some art from Disintegration, mostly because I love a robot with a jacket on.

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  • In MP, players are content, and if you got no players, you got no content. At least there’s still a game to play, there, so all that hard work didn’t just evaporate into pointless wind-borne urine.

    The thing that really killed my interest in a purchase – even for single-player – was nearly universal review criticism about how the game is essentially ‘Escort Quest: The Game’, focusing on all the fun of shepherding suicidal AI from a frustrating-to-control point of view.

    Sigh. Shame… it looked pretty, and they were trying something new, which is important. Might pick up a pity-purchase later.

    • ‘Escort Quest: The Game’.
      So… ‘The Worst Part of Every Videogame, Ever: The Game’.
      I’d never heard of this game before, but based solely on your description there I’m now going to go out of my way to continue to avoid it.

  • This is a shame, but at least it still has the singleplayer, if they had gone all MP they’d be screwed. I thought it looked interesting in some ways but there was nothing about it which actually made me want to play.

  • I wonder if the game would have had more success if sites actually reviewed the game and posted articles about it instead of posting 20+ articles about TLOU2 that had nothing to do with the actual game.

    • I doubt it, interest and coverage is a two way street.
      There were plenty of reviews for the game, it just didn’t generate the interest that kept people coming back for it.

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