This Medieval Strategy Game Lets You Stick A Trumpet In Your Ass

This Medieval Strategy Game Lets You Stick A Trumpet In Your Ass
Ass trumpet warfare at its finest. (Image: 32-33/Yaza Games)

Inkulinati is an upcoming medieval-style strategy game where your characters exist on the pages of a manuscript. Your fighters will be equipped with various deadly weapons including bows, staffs and ancient swords. Also, your donkey can stick a trumpet up its bum and fart loudly on the other fighters. With a wide attack berth, it actually looks like one of the game’s most effective tactics.

You might be asking: Why? Why must this mechanic exist? There’s a very important counterpoint here: why not? More importantly, why don’t more games have trumpet-toting asses? It’s a conundrum for the ages.

Inkulinati’s gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic is just as unique as its humour and well worth checking out. The game’s designed to replicate traditional medieval illustrations and resembles ‘ye olde artworke’ come to life. But rather than a traditional approach, Inkulinati aims to be as crass and ridiculous as games come. Expect all kinds of rudeness to lead you to victory as the pages unfold.

inkulinati gameplay
Image: 32-33/ Yaza Games

In the game’s story, you’ll encounter multiple recruitable creatures and work on improving your strategy. Effective planning and the perfect stable are key for a successful playthrough and each creature will unlock new, deadly attacks like the aforementioned and very important butt trumpet-ass attack. The game offers AI opponents or local PVP gameplay, so there’s plenty of options to enjoy it.

To pull off successful attacks in Inkulinati, you’ll need to master the game’s ‘Living Ink’ which brings the pages of game’s manuscript to life. Part of this ancient, reverred art involves ancient, obscene acts — like the aforementioned ass trumpet and more. Expect lots of farting, snail-eating and exposure, just like medieval times.

As the game’s description makes clear, sometimes the humble arse is a more effective weapon than the sword, so expect to bare it all on your way to victory.

You can check out the latest trailer for Inkulinati below:

A demo of Inkulinati will be available to the public when PAX Online kicks off on September 12. The game is currently pencilled in for a 2021 release.

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