Miles Morales Spider-Man Game Also Coming To PS4

Miles Morales Spider-Man Game Also Coming To PS4
Image: Insomniac

It’s been unclear, for a few months, whether or not Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the cool-looking expansion/not-expansion to 2018’s Spider-Man would be coming to PS4. Well, it’s clear now.

After a new gameplay demo during today’s PlayStation 5 showcase, Sony revealed on the PlayStation blog that the game is coming to PS4 as well as PS5.


  • Not to sound too negative, but with Halo Infinite delayed and this also being on my current console… why am I paying $750+ for a PS5 or Xbox Series X in November?

    Waiting til 2021 seems to be more and more appealing as there will be the initial problems ironed out and potentially a small deal on a console…

    • There are lots of reasons people want next gen now.

      My primary reasons
      Instant, or very fast load times
      Running your existing games in pro or x1x mode (i have an OG ps4)

      Then there are people that want 4k, want to play the new titles with better graphics and sound. All those sorts of things. I mean, upgrades are upgrades I guess.

      • This is true, but are we such an impatient world we can’t sit through 30 second load times anymore?

        My mate has put a preorder down today on a PS5 with Miles Morales and 1 extra controller.. That’s $960 to play a game he could play on his PS4..

        Don’t get me wrong, next gen will bring about efficiencies and quality of life improvements, but we aren’t seeing that real ‘next gen’ leap like we used to, so finding it harder to justify being there day 1.

        And this from someone who is running a vanilla PS4 and Xbox One..

        • I cannot sit through 30 second load times in challenging games where I am dying all the time. It’s very frustrating lol.
          I imagine most serious gamers have been putting money aside for a while anyway, and dropping $750 now or later; what’s the difference. It could also be because of the pandemic people are rushing to get one in case they miss out & have to wait months maybe?

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