Super Mario 64 Runs On A PS2, Universe Does Not Implode

Super Mario 64 Runs On A PS2, Universe Does Not Implode

Last year the source code for Super Mario 64 was reverse-engineered by fans. If you were wondering “what good is that?”, well it means you can do all sorts of things with the game. Like get it running on a PS2.

Yeah, you read that right. Here’s the code if you want to try it yourself. This is Nintendo’s all-time classic Super Mario 64, running and playable to completion — albeit with some texture issues — on the PlayStation 2. A direct port. Not through an emulator.

Haha, so when I said texture issues, I meant nightmarish texture issues, making some sections of the game incredibly difficult to complete, and others left looking like a creepypasta come to life.

But it works! And Fred Wood was able to beat it (he kinda had to, since saves aren’t working), and in doing so share the beauty and horror of the experience with all of us. Please do not watch this right before going to bed.

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  • Texture issues aside, it’s not really surprising that it works so well since the N64 was what Nintendo went on to work on after they fell out with Sony during the Playstation’s development and the CD-i flopped miserably. It was more powerful than the PSOne but the PS2 came after that and as a result the hardware was more powerful.

    Running it natively, that’s the trick as the PS2 probably wouldn’t be able to handle running it via emulation, especially when you consider that to run PSOne games it had to have extra hardware from the PSOne embedded in it. I wonder how hard it was to port it given that the PS2 was still during Sony’s “unique processor architecture” years. (It used the Emotion Engine)

    • It’s wouldn’t be super difficult to port as the N64 and PS2 both have MIPS processors for their CPUs (R4300 in the N64 and R10000 in the PS2). There would be some architectural differences, obviously, but fundamentally it would be easier to get running on a PS2 than it would be on, say, a Gamecube, which has a completely different CPU to the N64 (PowerPC).

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