PSA: Don’t Finish The Outer Worlds If You Want To Play ‘Peril On Gorgon’ [Updated]

PSA: Don’t Finish The Outer Worlds If You Want To Play ‘Peril On Gorgon’ [Updated]
You'll have to jump through some hoops to access Peril on Gorgon.

If you’ve already finished The Outer Worlds and you’re looking at jumping into the game’s Peril on Gorgon DLC, you may be in for a world of trouble. While the DLC is recieving some fantastic reviews and looks to be a worthy new chapter for the game, accessing it is another matter entirely.

To kick off the Peril on Gorgon DLC, you’ll need to have finished the ‘Radio Free Monarch’ quest but not gone as far as Tartarus. Once you land on Tartarus, you’re essentially stuck there. Your plane will be trapped due to a cosmic cloud and ADA will not let you leave. This is strongly warned about in the base game, but if you played The Outer Worlds on launch, you may have forgotten this essential fact.

Update 3:15 p.m. AEDT, March 23, 2021: An update to The Outer Worlds has now enabled players to access all game expansions via the Unreliable even if they don’t have a save from before the point of ‘no return’ in-game. 

The original version of the article follows below.

Warning about being trapped in the endgame is all well and good but back in January 2020, Peril on Gorgon was barely a rumour and DLC was never guaranteed. There was no reason to think trapping yourself on Tartarus would be a bad move. (The world was also a very different place back then, but we won’t talk about that.)

If you’re stuck on Tartarus and still want to check out Peril on Gorgon, there may be a solution. If you have a pre-game save from sometime after the beginning but before you land on Tartarus, you’re safe. If you’re like me and your last save was literally the first mission of the game, you’ll need to play through the entire story again and check off ‘Radio Free Monarch’ before ADA will talk to you about the Gorgon mission.

outer worlds peril on gorgon dlc

If you’re particularly organised with your save files you may have deleted your extras to save room. While saying so now does nothing to help, you shouldn’t have done this. Don’t delete your save files.

In my case, I’m basically locked out of Peril on Gorgon unless I’m willing to spend another 20 hours trudging through The Outer Worlds’ main quests once again. My save from October 2019 has no companions, no good weapons and about three quests done. I’m also a measly level two, which means I’ve got a long way to go back to the top.

As much as I enjoyed my time with The Outer Worlds, another 20 hours is a lot to ask.

Not being able to access the DLC if you’ve already finished the game is a disappointing flaw and it’s likely to impact a lot of players. If you’re only just starting your quest with the game, be wary of this quirk if you still want to tackle the Peril on Gorgon.

Update 21/9: In a statement to Kotaku Australia, Obsidian Entertainment indicated they would look at alternative options for players stuck on Tartarus without a backup save file:

“At this point of time, players who travel to Tartarus will only be able to access Peril on Gorgon content with a previous save file prior them starting Tartarus. In future patches of the game, we are improving our in-game messaging regarding how to start the DLC, the Point of No Return Save and the deletion of that file. We are also looking at further possible options for players who have started Tartarus with one save file and wish to experience the DLC content.”


  • Yeah, this news effectively means I’ll never play this DLC. I absolutely loved the Outer Worlds, it was a fallout game but packed down into a much easier to digest 30-40 hour game which was great. Pretty sure my save games were all either way before the end, or 10-15 hours before the end, so the idea of having to play through parts of the game again (I remember before going to the end game I did a lot of the side missions to maximise my character) isn’t appealing..

    • If you have so much as one save left where you’ve recruited Nyota, it might be worth loading it up, going to the Unreliable and then noodling about for a bit. That’s how I got it to load.

  • Check your PS4 Saved Data in System Storage menu. If you’ve beaten the game, you should still have a system created save called “System Save – Point of No Return”. Just load that and you are good to go. You would have had to intentionally delete it to not have that save file AFAIK.

  • Thanks for this.

    I have a horrible tendency to go through games with only 1 or 2 saves, and continually overwrite the same save. I’ll definitely be waiting for a patch before buying the DLC

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