Neon Is An Excellent Cyber Fashion Statement

Neon Is An Excellent Cyber Fashion Statement

When I first came to Japan about two decades ago, there was a lot of neon. But in the years that followed, those flickering tubs have been switched out for LED lights.

Twitter user Tanago, a self-styled “Cyber Mum,” has designed what very well could be the first wearable neon-tube backpack. She’s taken it out on the street of Tokyo’s Akihabara. The kanji characters 電脳 (dennou), which means “computer”, “digital brain,” or even “cyber brain.” That last translation seems most fitting!

Tanago started work on projects like this in 2018 with an LED kimono obi slash.

I think the neon backpack is the best! For more cyber fashions, check out Tanago’s Twitter or her official site

Her bicycle is also very, very good.

All images and tweets used with permission.


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