The Evangelion Popcorn Bucket Is Suitably Insane

The Evangelion Popcorn Bucket Is Suitably Insane

At first, I thought the 3980 yen ($49) price tag was the craziest thing about this Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-01 popcorn bucket. Nope! The light-up eyes are. The bucket is available at Universal Studios Japan during the Cool Japan 2016 campaign, which wraps up in late June.

This popcorn bucket looks like the Eva Unit's head and even comes with instructions.

Here, you can see it in action:

Bonkers, but cool!

Top image: momomokachaaan


    it's a pity you can't eat the popcorn without falling into an existential pit of despair because your dad doesn't love you and your popcorn bucket is made from the soul of your dead mum.

    All I care about is Part 4 of Rebuild of Evangelion. Gimme that closure!

      All I care about out is finally seeing 3.33 next month, almost 4 years overdue....

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