The Most Expensive Bowl Of Ramen In The World Is Yakuza-Themed

The Most Expensive Bowl Of Ramen In The World Is Yakuza-Themed
Rags to Riches ramen

Do you find yourself thinking “this bowl of ramen is delicious, but I wish it cost about the same as an Xbox Series X and contained an entire golden lobster”? If so, today is your lucky day, I guess. Five Star Games and Xbox Australia have teamed up with Gumshara, one of the best ramen restaurants in Sydney, to make a dish so over the top it could spark another French Revolution.

The justification behind the insane dish is to celebrate the similarly over-the-top Yakuza: Like A Dragon game, coming out on November 10. It’s been created to mark the journey of Ichiban Kasuga from getting betrayed by his close confidant and hitting rock bottom, to presumably having a lot of money and friends. (I assume, I haven’t finished the game yet, but that seems like where this is going.)

Here’s what’s in the ‘Rags To Riches’ ramen:

  • 5kg high-end lobster heads
  • 10kg quality pork bone
  • 1 full lobster: Tempura lobster tail and golden head fashioned as a dragon head for garnish
  • Noodles
  • Traditional ramen garnishes of soft-boiled seasoned egg, bamboo shoots, spring onions,
  • Golden nori

For $400 the list of ingredients seems almost modest, until you realise that lobster is about $120 a kilo in Sydney and that amount of pork bones is $40. After seeing that, $400 is almost a bargain for this dish, if you squint, tilt your head to the side, and forget the value of money for a moment.

However, if your mouth is watering at the thought of that much lobster and pork, it’s time to put your wallet away and head to Twitter. You can’t actually buy this bowl of ramen. It’s the major prize in a competition @XboxANZ is hosting on Twitter at midday AEDT today.

The first-place winner will get the ‘Rags to Riches’ ramen, a Yakuza: Like A Dragon noren (which is a Japanese restaurant banner) and a copy of the game on Xbox. Ten runners-up will get a noren and the game.

May the odds be ever in your flavour.


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