What The Hell Is The Atari Mini PONG Jr.?

What The Hell Is The Atari Mini PONG Jr.?

Coming this holiday season from arcade amusement company UNIS Technology, and the hollow, spider-infested shell of Atari, is the Mini PONG Jr. — an electronic device that is both Mini and Jr. at the same time, and features a PONG-like game for up to two players.

There’s no price or release date for the Atari Mini PONG Jr. machine. That will likely be revealed later today at UNIS’ online conference, where the maker of all sorts of arcade machines as well as the PONG coffee table will be showing off its wares. We do know it’s approximately 30 centimeters long, sports a 7.9 inch LCD panel, and that whoever wrote up the press release announcing it likes mixing metric and imperial measurements. It’s USB powered, features control dials, and boasts ten AI difficulty levels for solo play. Also, there’s this fancy video.

It resembles old school PONG, but is quite a bit more fluid than I remember. Really it’s a new thing wearing PONG’s skin, which is fine. It wasn’t a very exciting skin to begin with.

The Atari Mini PONG Jr. machine is coming to North America from the folks at Arcade1Up later this year. Sounds like the perfect present for someone who likes to fiddle with things half-heartedly before putting them on a shelf and forgetting they exist.

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