Here’s Another 12 Minutes From Demon’s Souls

Here’s Another 12 Minutes From Demon’s Souls
Image: Demon's Souls
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It’s only a couple of days until we can all play Demon’s Souls. But before November 12, here’s another tantalising 12 minutes from the Gates of Boletaria.

We’ve already seen how good Demon’s Souls character creator is, but over the weekend Sony published some straight gameplay.

They confirmed the game will “target” 60 FPS and dynamic 4K on the PS5 in Performance Mode, while the resolution/fidelity mode runs at native 4K at 30 FPS. Animations and sound effects have been added for the game’s remake, and the soundtrack has been rearranged and reorchestrated by AIR Studios in London.

There’s a bit of gameplay showcasing the Thief later on in the video, as well as the Valley of Defilement. It’s mentioned a couple of times here that the Demon’s Souls remake is “targeting” 60 FPS, rather than being locked to 60 FPS.

The final boss shown is the Dirty Colossus. It’s a gorgeous fight if you can buffer the video in 1440p or 4K, particularly with all the flame effects and the fluidity of the attack animations.

Demon’s Souls is only a couple of days away, and it’s already looking like an absolute must-play regardless of your history with the franchise. I’m still curious to see if there’s been any tweaks to the synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer.

Demon’s Souls launches for the PS5 along with the console on November 12.


    • If you’re Sony, would you ever consider giving it to anyone else, honestly. Alongside Panic Button’s skill with the Switch, it’s hard to think of another developer as technically proficient as Bluepoint for their scale (Insomniac comes to mind, but they’re a much bigger studio).

  • Great game, and I’m glad they’ve stuck to the stripped-back feel of the game. Great to see the Nexus again! But ugh … valley of defilement, no thanks. Not going back for more that – enjoy, new players!

  • I only recently (as in, in the last 6 months) played Bloodborne, which was also my first Souls game. After that, I am very excited about having a go at this version of Demon’s Souls.

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