Fans Think This Strange Road In Virginia Is Connected To GTA 6

Fans Think This Strange Road In Virginia Is Connected To GTA 6

Middle Mountain Trail is a quiet dirt road located in the middle of nowhere in Virginia, with nothing but trees surrounding it. But, according to some Grand Theft Auto fans, it might be a clue connected to GTA VI, the long-rumoured sequel to one of the best selling games of all time.

Late last week, Rockstar dropped a small teaser for the next GTA Online update. There wasn’t much in the teaser, but eagle-eyed fans spotted what appeared to be GPS coordinates at the bottom of the video.

At the bottom of this screen, you can see the coordinates.  (Screenshot: Rockstar Games)
At the bottom of this screen, you can see the coordinates. (Screenshot: Rockstar Games)

When they punched the numbers into Google Maps, they got a dirt road that seems to be forming the same shape as VI, the Roman numeral for 6.

Photo: Google
Photo: Google

GTA fans on Reddit and Twitter quickly began freaking out. Was this a hint about GTA 6, a clue left by Rockstar for dedicated fans to find? Or is it just a coincidence?

Kotaku contacted Rockstar about the coordinates, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Fans are trying to piece together this strange mystery by themselves. Many are convinced that the shape of the road is too perfect to be a random coincidence. I’ll admit, it’s very strange how much the road looks like VI. Furthermore, Rockstar knows how dedicated its fans can be; it would be strange for the developer to just add some random numbers to a teaser without some reason behind it.

All that said, would Rockstar really use a teaser for a GTA Online update to tease GTA 6? Also, what is actually being teased? It seems unlikely the next GTA game will be set in a version of the Virginia backwoods. It’s possible that Rockstar is just trolling GTA fans desperate for information about GTA 6.

I’m usually pretty quick to dismiss folks hunting for clues to GTA VI in everything Rockstar releases, as often they amount to nothing. But I’m not sure if I can totally write off this weird clue.

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