Cyberpunk 1997

Cyberpunk 1997

Wake the fuck up, Samurai. We have a city to burn. An original PlayStation-era city, courtesy of game developer Anders Lundbjörk’s completely accurate demake of Cyberpunk 2077.

We’ve already seen a PS1 demake of Cyberpunk 2077 made in Dreams, but that one was too clean, too sharp, and too functional. I prefer Lundbjörk’s vision of old school Night City. It’s got that distinctive late ‘90s flavour, right down to the aspect ratio.

Is it wrong that I like the PS1 aesthetic better than the muddled visuals I’ve seen from the PlayStation 4 version? I feel like this would have been a good route for CD Projekt to go down. If you can’t get your shiny graphics working properly, steer hard in the opposite direction to avoid skidding into a wall of refund requests.

Would you play this?

I’d play this. I’d play it hard.


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