It’s 2020 And We Just Got A New DOS Game

It’s 2020 And We Just Got A New DOS Game

Sure, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to launch next week. But before that, how about a new DOS game?

Yes, you read that right. Available now as shareware or a full game for $US7, SlipSpeed is a top-down racer with a retro soundtrack that absolutely slaps. And it’s built from the ground up for MS-DOS — so much so that even the Windows version is really just the DOS game running through a DOSBox shell.

But seriously, I can’t express just how good the retro sound track is. Just enjoy the trailer for a minute:

The whole game is made by Tom ‘voxel’ Purnell, and from a quick look around it looks like the game runs best on Pentium or older games. Unless you’re just running it through DOSBox on your PC/laptop/fancy new M1 Macbook through Rosetta, obviously.

Even the box art, which was put together by Bitmap Soft, is suitably retro. And for those who do buy the physical edition, just note that the game is shipped on a 3.5-inch floppy, not a USB stick or a key written down on a piece of paper.

dos game

Honestly, I love everything about this. If you ever played older racing games on the PC like Micro Machines, Death Rally, or later games like Ignition, Rush Hour or Circuit Breakers, you’ll have some fun here. There’s a shareware version available through (shareware means some of the content is free, for the younger readers among us).

But $US7 for a top-down racer with 16 tracks and a soundtrack this good is a blast. All the info and download links you need are right here, and you can happily play the Frazer’s banging theme song on repeat over at Bandcamp.

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