PC Case That Could Burst Into Flames Officially Recalled

PC Case That Could Burst Into Flames Officially Recalled
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As we reported earlier this month, NZXT’s (admittedly lovely) H1 case had an issue where at a certain point it could literally burst into flames. The company reluctantly apologised, but that process has now progressed into a full “recall” for over 30,000 of the cases.

PC Cases Catch Fire, Company Responsible Eventually Apologises

There have been complaints for a few months now that one of PC case company NZXT’s products has been catching fire. This week, the company has finally apologised and removed the case from its store.

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The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a full recall notice last week, which despite the name doesn’t actually involve sending the cases back. Instead, their advice is to “stop using the case” — easier said than done if it’s your PC — and get a repair kit from NZXT, which includes a set of nylon screws that won’t start a fire.

The notice affects “about 32,000″ cases sold in the US, though the USCPSC notes “about 1,024 were sold in Canada” as well.


    • That’s not the issue.

      The issue is that the holes for the screws were done badly and putting screws in there exposes copper causing a short and resulting in fire.

  • It’s really terrifying that it took most of the tech YouTubers/ Media calling out NZXT for them to actually do anything.

    This has been a known issue for a while and it’s taken them till now to issue a recall.

    NZXT has a lot to answer for.

      • What’s scary is that a lot of companies have a policy (Not openly of course) that they won’t have a recall until the lawsuits cost more than the actual recall. They are fine with people dying and settling wrongful death suits if it costs less than a total recall,

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