After Anti-Semitic Slur, NBA Player Meyers Leonard Suspended By Team, Dropped By Sponsors

After Anti-Semitic Slur, NBA Player Meyers Leonard Suspended By Team, Dropped By Sponsors
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In the wake of dropping a clear anti-Semitic taunt during a game of Call of Duty, NBA player Meyers Leonard has been suspended by his team the Miami Heat, and dropped by a number of his sponsors.

Leonard — who last year was also the only player to remain on his feet before a game while his teammates knelt to support the Black Lives Matter movement — later apologised for using the term, claiming to somehow have not known what the word meant:

NBA Player Drops Antisemitic Slur During Call Of Duty: Warzone Stream

Miami Heat centre and FaZe Clan member Meyers Leonard apparently hates being sniped in Call of Duty: Warzone, so much so that he referred to a long-range online opponent as a “kike bitch” during a Twitch session Monday night.

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Despite this, Leonard has since been dropped by two of his sponsors, PC company Origin:

And controller makes SCUF:

Leonard will also “be away from the team indefinitely” while the Heat — owned by Israeli-American businessman Micky Arison — and the NBA conduct an “investigation”.


  • I mean, it’s possible he didn’t know what the word meant but I don’t buy it for a second, it’s not a word you run in to much these days.
    As for not knowing it was derogatory, he was clearly using it in that way.

    • There was the super distinct pause just before he said it as well. It’s not indicative of anything, but that timing just had a degree of deliberation that certainly doesn’t help.

      In general, I find the words people say in the heat of the moment are just words they regularly use (whether it’s in polite company or otherwise). So I’d agree with you that the apology is probably PR BS to stem what could potentially end any potential endorsement he does for the rest of his playing days.

      There might be some kind of argument that he legitimately didn’t know and just picked it up from the circles that he plays COD within. Which is infinitely worse if you think about the ramifications of that, and it definitely wouldn’t save the dude here anyway.

  • its an interesting word to have just randomly floating through your head. I never buy that whole ‘I dont know what it means, or, it just popped out of my head’, yeah nah, its the same playing games with people who constantly use a certain homophobic word or other racial slur… if that is where your brain goes to as a reaction, it means it has a settled to a common place in your head. It either that or the person is just a bellend who is using it because socially they have to be seen as edgy, and use it on purpose,which some how is just sadder.

  • The excuse stretches belief. This guy isn’t some hapless tween who heard the slur used on XBL by the ‘cool kids’ and was too scared to ask what it meant or to have any life experience outside the walls of school to draw on.

    He’s nearly thirty fucking years old.

    I can understand Australians possibly getting by without knowing the slur, given how small our Jewish population is (hell, I’ve only ever heard it used in TV and movies), but a guy from Florida?

  • He is clearly one of those f*ckheads who is proud to be a f*ckhead. I mean your WHOLE TEAM is kneeling. You share a locker room with them. You are all on the same team!

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