EA Investigating Claims An Employee Has Been Selling Rare Items

EA Investigating Claims An Employee Has Been Selling Rare Items
Screenshot: FIFA 21

EA makes most of its FIFA money from the game’s Ultimate Team mode, where fans spend real money in attempts to unlock elite players. Today, it’s being alleged that these lucrative items are being sold privately to users by employees within EA Sports.

Using the hashtag #EAGATE, complaints have been made that someone within EA has been selling FIFA’s Prime Icon Moment players for huge sums of cash, like €1000 (USD$1190) for two players.

That’s a lot of money, but there are people out there who both take FIFA very seriously and spend thousands on Ultimate Team packs just trying to unlock elite players, so to be able to cut out the random factor and just get the best players directly isn’t as terrible a deal as it may sound to you.

When the complaints first surfaced, it was hard to parse which were legitimate and which were just…the same white noise the FIFA community is always capable of producing when it comes to its uneasy relationship with developer EA Sports.

Yet some of the screencaps appeared damning:

Daming enough that later in the day, EA acknowledged the allegations, issuing a statement saying “a thorough investigation is underway, and if we identify improper conduct, we will take swift action”.

“We want to be clear — this type of behaviour is unacceptable, and we in no way condone what is alleged to have happened here. We understand how this creates concern about unfair balance in the game and competition.”


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