Report: Microsoft Wants To Buy Discord For ‘Over $13 Billion’

Report: Microsoft Wants To Buy Discord For ‘Over $13 Billion’
Image: Kotaku

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is one of several companies “in talks” to purchase chat and community platform Discord, for a price said to be in excess of $13 billion ($US10 billion).

The report says Microsoft is “in the running”, but that talks are continuing and no deal has yet been made. It’s not clear who exactly those other companies could be, though you wouldn’t need many hands to count the possibilities, and it’s said that both Epic and Amazon have had similar talks “in the past”.

Before you go assuming this is a done deal, the same report throws in word from one of their sources that “Discord is more likely to go public than sell itself”.


  • Ugh! I hope this doesn’t go through because it will end up being yet another acquisition by Microsoft that they eventually kill off. They paid US $8.5bn for Skype in 2011 and they have ruined that and even removed features.

  • Getting to the point where these buy outs have to be blocked to avoid stifling competition. Some of Disney’s, Amazon’s or Facebook’s purchases have not increased competition or made for a better market. They’ve just made for mega corporations and I’m not ready for Cyberpunk 2077 just yet.

  • I’m an average human being at best, but I really think with just 5billion at my disposal I could hand over something bigger and better than Discord within 5 years.

    • Yeah honestly, I’m very much in the camp of thinking that Discord is an absolute dumpster fire design wise and a massively overhyped platform/program in general.

      • All of which is both correct and irrelevant, since what Microsoft is essentially bidding for here is Discord’s user base and name recognition, not its application code.

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