Monster Hunter Food Recreated In Real Life Looks Delicious

Monster Hunter Food Recreated In Real Life Looks Delicious

Sure, the hunting monsters is cool and all. But I think the best part of the Monster Hunter games is all the good food. Like the big “Chef’s Choice Platter” from Monster Hunter World, which was recently recreated by the YouTube channel Binging With Babish.

It should be noted that I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game. So my only real experience with the series is screenshots of the food on Twitter, this video, and the one time I played the Monster Hunter World beta/demo for 10 mins and never went back. But I still like the meals!

Watching all of this get put together really shows how much is cut from the cooking montages you see in the game. Imagine if you had to wait in real-time for the cats to put ALL of this together. Then again, a game where you wait around for people to make you food sounds nice. Or maybe I’ve just started going crazy after not eating in a restaurant for over a year thanks to covid-19.

Anyway, if you want to make this yourself here’s my advice: Don’t do that. But if some of this giant meal seemed good, here’s a handy link to a text version of this same meal, with each part of it given its own separate instructions.

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