Anime Super Cub Breaks The Law, Yes, But Is Fiction

Anime Super Cub Breaks The Law, Yes, But Is Fiction
Image: ©Tone Koken,hiro/ベアモータース

In a recent episode of Super Cub, the anime about schoolgirls and the Honda motorcycle, two characters are shown riding on the same motorcycle. That is illegal in Japan.

In Japanese, two people riding on the same motorcycle or bicycle is called futari-nori (“two riders”). Those who violate this traffic law can be fined up to 100,000 yen ($1,177). As reported on Yahoo! News Japan, when the episode aired, there were those pointing out that the scene appears to show characters doing just that.

Yahoo! News Japan got in touch with Kadokawa, the company behind the anime, and an official spokesperson pointed out, “This story is fiction. The people, the groups, and the names are fictional and have no connection to reality.” The spokesperson did concede that the Super Cub that appears in the anime is based on reality and added that the show was created with the guidance of supervision of Honda.

(Note that the licence plate that appears in the anime is not real.)

Parts of Super Cub seem like a fantasy (or even like a Honda ad), but other parts are realistic, especially regarding the bike. This might have exacerbated the calls of legal impudence or even made the show seemed irresponsible.

While the incessant motorcycle talk is grounded in reality, the show is not actually a depiction of actual reality. Just imagine if every anime was called out for every single legal infraction, no matter how minor.


  • Its a bit more complicated than flat out calling it illegal.

    Pillion riding laws in Japan are the operator of the motorcycle must be over 20, licensed for regular class or better for at least three years, and the bike has to be legally allowed on expressways – so over 125cc. (Those criteria also bans pillion riding on rental scooters by default)

    The girls are riding illegally on all 3 points.

    The manga is 5 years old and wruttenby adults, so they were either unaware of the legal requirement or the law was different when they were a child (learner rider)

    • PS One of my favourite sleeper hit animes this year the art style and sound design is brilliant for a slice of life… makes me nostalgic for when I used to ride a motorbike as a teen.

      The Reiko vs Mt Fuji episode seem the most fictional and completely illogical part of the story though. Felt put of character for Reiko to NOT know how to ride dirt bike properly.

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