New Fuser Update Lets Players DJ For 250+ Fans Live

New Fuser Update Lets Players DJ For 250+ Fans Live
The alligator outfit is also new. (Screenshot: Harmonix)

The biggest update to Harmonix Music System’s music mixing game since launch, Fuser’s “Headliner Spotlight” update brings players closer to the DJ fantasy by letting them take the Diamond Stage and play live to hundreds of live spectators in real-time.

Fuser is a game about taking licensed music from big-name artists and remixing it on-the-fly, but up until today’s free update the people watching and making requests have been virtual crowd members. Starting this week players will be able to watch and possibly perform on the Diamond Stage, 24/7 live channel available both in the game and on the official Fuser Twitch channel. It’s basically a live music festival that never stops, where up to 250 Fuser players can watch live and participate.

Also included in the free update is a new Diamond Shop, where players can spend Diamonds, a new in-game currency that can only be earned by playing — they cannot be purchased with real money. Diamonds can be used to buy new cosmetic upgrades and unlock music tracks. They’re also used to reserve prime time slots on the Diamond Stage.

I am intrigued. I’ve not done much with Fuser since launch aside from play sets for my sons. Maybe it’s time to take my act live. Or just quietly sit on the sidelines and watch other people do it.

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