Among Us Gets Hide and Seek Mode, Achievements

Among Us Gets Hide and Seek Mode, Achievements
Screenshot: Innersloth

Among Us announced it’s getting a new hide and seek mode, achievements, a new map, and tons of cosmetics at Summer Game Fest today.

The hide and seek mode teaser showed one of the game’s resident beans roaming with a map with just a small circle of light emitted around it. Only when another player was within that light would they be seen, similar to when the lights go off in the normal imposter mode we already have.

You’ll also soon be able to unlock achievements as you play, which Among Us lacked. The Summer Game Fest teaser showed off a “kill five players” achievement as an example, but there’s no word on how many objectives you can tick off or how varied they’ll be.

Screenshot: InnerslothScreenshot: Innersloth

The smallest bit of info, and I mean that literally not disparagingly, was about a new map. The video showed just a few pixels worth of…something. I’m still trying to discern whether it was a battery or a button or a switch or something else entirely. But apparently that’s all that could be revealed at the moment!

There will also be new roles for players, including a sheriff and a scientist, but who knows what on earth those roles will actually play in the game. It’s also unclear if they will be limited to certain modes.

And, of course, we’re getting more cosmetic options. The colours coral, rose, banana, grey, tan, and maroon were revealed, with the latter two already being shown off on Twitter ahead of the announcement. We also got to see some visor accessories like a bunch of goggles and sunglasses, a mustache, and a scar (unsure how you get a scar on a visor, though).

Heat has been picking up around the Innersloth-developed indie hit Among Us. Prior to today’s announcement, the team has been going at full speed leading into the winter. Among Us was a recent Epic Games Store freebie, and there’s summer merch coming out for the game. Plus, in the biggest tell of more to come, Innersloth revealed that it hired a new person, which is significant when you realise this brings the number of employees to nine. Yes, they still can’t fill a 10-person lobby on their own, a detail noted in the announcement.

Geoff Keighley also revealed that the in-game mask of his face will be available again. This time, players were able to unlock it by watching at least 15 minutes of Thursday’s Summer Game Fest Kickoff.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the mask is a photorealistic recreation of Summer Game Fest host Keighley’s face that you wear on your little bean imposter/crewmate. It’s a little horrifying, sure. But it gets the people going, and it gave us a big hint that we would see some Among Us news today.

The Among Us Twitter account also divulged on June 8 that additional player colours (including maroon) and other news would be revealed at the event, but that was less exciting.

On the same day, Innersloth teased, “Lots coming up this week and next.” Besides Summer Game Fest, the team is making the rounds with another gaming festival, Guerrilla Collective. Guerrilla Collective’s big E3 show takes place on June 12 if you want to tune in for even more Among Us. It’ll be interesting to see if and how Innersloth spaces out announcements.

So while I, and likely others, have put on my spacesuit a bit less since Among Us took over last winter, I’m guessing it’s time to vent back in.


  • hide and seek has been around for ages. i hope they are paying the person that created the game mode rather than taking the apple strategy of blocking it and pretending they invented it.

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