Netflix’s Resident Evil Casts A Great Albert Wesker

Netflix’s Resident Evil Casts A Great Albert Wesker
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Netflix announced today that Lance Reddick has been cast as baddie Albert Wesker in the upcoming live-action Resident Evil series. Alongside that bombshell, Netflix announced five other actresses who will be starring in the series.

The live-action series was first announced by the streamer in August of 2020. At the time we didn’t know much about it, besides that it would be focused on the “Wesker kids.” Now we know more about the series and how Albert Wesker and his children all fit in.

The series will tell a new story, not seen in the games, set across two different timelines. One timeline will feature 14-year-old sisters Billie and Jade Wesker as they move to New Raccoon City. Soon after arriving, the two sisters learn that the town is hiding secrets and their dad, Albert Wekser, might have some of his own too. The show’s other timeline is set over 10 years later and features a world infested with deadly monsters. Humanity is dying. The adult Jade is trying to survive and is still dealing with her father’s secrets and her own past.

That sounds like a wild and strange setup for a Resident Evil show, but then again the entire franchise is bizarre and campy. So why not do a show about the daughters of Albert Wesker learning about how evil their dad is and split it across two different timelines? Sure! Why not.

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The series will be eight episodes long and is being produced by Supernatural executive producer and co-showrunner Andrew Dabb. No release date for the show was given. Starring alongside the wonderful Lance Reddick, who has appeared in other games like Destiny, are five actresses: Adeline Rudolph, Siena Agudong, Paola Núñez, Tamara Smart, and Ella Balinska.

This isn’t the first Resident Evil series from Netflix. In July, the new animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will launch. This one is CG and stars Leon Kennedy. And before all this, back in 2019, Deadline reported that Netflix was trying to make another Resident Evil show. And even before that, back in 2014, Variety reported on another attempt at a Resident Evil show.

Who knew some folks in Hollywood loved campy zombie games so much?


  • It’s a weird situation. He’s great and I think he’d make a great Wesker-like Resident Evil character but I don’t see him as being a good Wesker. However it’s pretty clear he’s not playing Wesker he’s playing something Wesker inspired, so it should work out?

  • White actor voices a non-white character, Far left gets mad
    Non-trans actor plays a trans character in a movie, Far left gets mad
    Non-Autisitic actor plays an autistic character, Far left gets mad

    I could go on.

  • For me the entire casting of relatively unknown people for the diversity roles screams cost cutting more than them caring about diversity. I’m actually more inclined to think that the studios doing it are racist in its practice when they keep cancelling these same shows for “not being popular” even though plenty of them had good ratings. Netflix is particularly guilty of it.

  • Don’t really care about his casting as Wesker (never played any of the games) but I remember reading an article either on Kotaku or polygon about how resident evil has always been about eugenics, with wesker’s white hair and pale skin being used as evidence of that. Just think it’s interesting that they obviously aren’t heading in that direction with this tv show.

    • The word Spencer used when talking about Project W, was “UberMensch”, which is steeped in white supremacism idealism. So yeah, it’s a bit of (as wonderful and enjoyable an actor Lance Reddick is, especially in the Wire and Fringe) it’s a “let’s forego key story mechanics and motivations for diversity points”.

    • Resident Evil doesn’t really have continuity or even running themes. This Wesker is not Resident Evil 1 Wesker, like Resident Evil 5 Wesker isn’t Resident Evil 1 Wesker. Lots of overlap between all three Weskers, and anything they’re not using is implied to be in line with previous games, but functionally it all happens in pocket continuities. If I had to guess I’d say those articles were written from Code Veronica lore, which itself is new stuff piled on top of old stuff ignoring anything inconvenient (Wesker apparently forgot he had magic powers before that).

      If Resident Evil 9 needs Wesker to be a 15 year old sea captain then he is and always was a 15 year old sea captain… from the perspective of RE9. Everything we know about Wesker is assumed to still be true unless specifically contradicted. The closest we get to themes and continuity is stuff like Wesker being a dick/traitor because they only ever use him when they want a dick/traitor character.

      RE7/8 Chris is a good example. Completely different character to anything before them. Different face, personality, motivations and morality. But we still accept that new Chris is Chris because none of it has ever taken itself seriously enough for that to matter.

      In short, RE continuity is not a hill anyone should die on. That goes triple for side stuff like this. We all know Capcom is fine with scripts being very superficially connected to their established IPs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s what they like to do.
      I mean shit, there’s so many more important betrayals of the character/universe here than race. He has kids for starters. I guarantee he’s at least some shade of misunderstood good guy.

        • It’s really strange, especially for someone like me who loves deep lore and super tight continuity, but it’s also sort of nice. You can’t truly quantify anything but it all still makes sense. Wesker straight up dies in his first appearance. Corpse in a lab with nothing more to say. Absolutely nowhere for his story to go.
          Yet when he shows up in Code Veronica, fresh from seeing the Matrix apparently, it’s not jarring. It invalidates what you knew and soft cuts off where the series was heading after RE2/3 but you just go with it and it’s fantastic. Next game one of the main characters from RE2 shows up, never mentions anything that happened before, and tries to track down the Presidents daughter in some weird Euro village. It’s considered the best RE game ever made. RE7 figured why not be a highly scripted, gritty horror FPS game that has nothing to do with RE. It arguably redefined the horror genre.

          When you get to the zen of Resident Evil continuity things get amazing. There’s a bit in Resident Evil Village where I thought they were actually going to make Chris a werewolf and instead of being annoyed at how stupid that would be it was exciting. There was concept art for Ada being there looking like something out of Bloodborne, which is ridiculous on so many levels, and it would have been awesome.

          It’s like closing your eyes, ignoring the lyrics and focusing on how a song makes you feel.

  • Studio casts POC in role that was originally white, normal people annoyed about the openly hypocritical stance of left-wing commentators that spit vitriol at such shows for casting white voice-actors in POC roles.

  • I don’t think race has any bearing on Weskers character, but race absolutely does for Black Panther…
    See a difference?

    • Hmmm… Wesker is a guy that was chosen and instilled with the ideals of a white supremacist eugenicist definitely has nothing to do with race… I look forward to playing the next game set during WW2 where we are stopping Hitler from releasing his super secret troop of Black UberMensch, because Hitler is actually a white passing black person.

      Find it quite interesting how *every* non-white character is so defined by their non-whiteness, that they can’t even be voiced by a white person, but white characters can, because if you start defining them by their whiteness, it’s “racist” lol

      Can you spell hypocrisy?

      You either can, or you can’t, you can’t pick and choose.

    • It does if you knew the smallest amount of lore surrounding him. But given your comment im going to assume you don’t know any of his lore.

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