New Pokémon Cards Might Complicate Things For Players And Collectors

New Pokémon Cards Might Complicate Things For Players And Collectors

After a trademark was spotted last December, the new V-Union cards have been officially unveiled. The new cards are scheduled for release this August in Japan, and it’s unclear how their introduction will impact the game.

To use the V-Union cards, players must connect all four of the special cards like a puzzle for each V-Union tableau that, so far, features Greninja, Zacian or Mewtwo. Serebii explains that it’s necessary to have all four cards in your hand to make these bigger V-Union Pokémon cards, allowing players to unleash a handful of abilities and attacks, and PokéBeach reports that a V-Union Pokémon are neither Basic or Evolution Pocket Monsters. Moreover, while a player might only play one particular V-Union Pokémon per game, they can play other V-Union ones.

Joining cards like this isn’t new to card games, with Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Exodia being an obvious forerunner, nor are they new to Pokémon. Previously, The Pokémon Trading Card Game introduced Legend, which was created by joining two cards.

While the V-Union cards do look great (the artwork is fantastic), but there are already obvious concerns about they will impact the game as some of the moves already seem overpowered.

Image: Pokemon Card
Image: Pokemon Card

The first product to feature V-Union is sixty-card decks that will be priced at 1,650 yen ($19), with each deck coming with a four-card V-Union. However, there are also understandable worries for collectors.

Skyrocketing popularity has meant The Pokémon Company cannot print new cards fast enough. Add new, high-profile cards into the mix, and you can already imagine fans scrambling to get said cards, especially once there are inevitable special V-Union iterations, and grey market resellers scrambling to get them before the fans can, hoping to resell them at higher prices.

The V-Union cards will be released on August 20 in Japan. An English language release has yet to be announced.


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