FFXIV Player Won’t Stop Until He’s Eaten Nearly 140K Eggs

FFXIV Player Won’t Stop Until He’s Eaten Nearly 140K Eggs

I’ve often said the best video game challenges are the ones we make up ourselves. Here’s YouTuber Ross “RubberNinja” O’Donovan to prove me wrong. Last year the streamer made odd headlines by eating an entire stack of 999 eggs in Final Fantasy XIV. Now he’s eating 140 times that, an entire inventory’s worth. That’s nearly 140,000 eggs. He’s streaming the whole thing live, and he’s only eating real life egg dishes until he’s done. My stomach aches just thinking about it.

The original Final Fantasy egg-eating incident occurred in August of last year. As chronicled in RubberNinja’s Twitter thread, upon logging into the game on August 15, a stranger handed him an entire stack of eggs. When strangers hand you 999 eggs, you make FFXIV history. RubberNinja began to eat and tweet, drawing a crowd in-game as his character scarfed down semi-gelatinous protein orbs one-by-one. The entire process took about an hour and a half, and a good time was had by all.

Nearly a year later, RubberNinja is seriously upping his game with 139,860 eggs in total. Instead of an informal in-game gathering, this egg-eating marathon is a live event being streamed on Twitch. It has rules. It has bonus stream sub goals. It even has a name: “Eggwalker.”

FFXIV Player Won’t Stop Until He’s Eaten Nearly 140K Eggs

The plan is to stream the eggs being eaten until every last one is gone. The original 999 eggs took around 90 minutes to consume. This time, with 140 stacks of 999 eggs, if RubberNinja eats at the same rate he did last year, we’re looking at 210 hours of gulping and chewing. The event could run even longer, possibly forever, as he will be adding another stack of 999 eggs for every 1,000 Twitch subs he earns during the marathon. Should he reach 20,000 subs, he will shave his head to resemble an egg.

In the interest of not keeling over dead, RubberNinja is taking breaks during the stream to eat, shower, use the restroom, and sleep. He’s set up a simple macro to keep his character munching on eggs while he is AFK, which has the added bonus of circumventing Final Fantasy XIV’s idle disconnect, recently activated to help combat server crowding and long login queues.

I planned on asking Ross “RubberNinja” O’Donovan a few questions, such as why he’s doing this (aside from subs), why anyone would do this, and just basically shouting, “WHY?” at him until something happens. Unfortunately, I caught him during nap time, so I could only watch as his character robotically devoured virtual eggs while a looped recording of O’Donovan saying “eggs” droned on in the background.

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