Gamer Chair Apologises For Bad Tweets, Promises To Do Better

Gamer Chair Apologises For Bad Tweets, Promises To Do Better
Screenshot: Vertagear / Kotaku

Vertagear, a self-proclaimed “top gamer chair brand trusted by many esports teams,” is now under fire by everyone else for trying to turn a sexist joke into an edgy meme.

Last Sunday night, the chair company posted a mock-up side-by-side comparison of male streamers vs. female streamers. In the guy’s feed, he’s barely visible, while in the woman’s feed the ratios are reversed. “Is this accurate?” Vertagear tweeted with three crying laughing emoji for good measure.

Screenshot: VertagearScreenshot: Vertagear

By the time most people saw it, however, the tweet was already failing to load. “You deleted it, but you can’t pretend that wasn’t tweeted Vertagear,” wrote Facebook streamer MissHenley. “You owe the women in the industry a major apology.”

This morning, the chair company tried to pay that debt with one of the longer notes app apologies I’ve come across in recent memory. “Discrimination and bias are the opposite of what we want to create, and they completely jeapardize the values we stand for,” it read in part. “Unfortunately, we were slow to see the mistakes being made and have hurt many people with a recent Tweet that we made. We take full responsibility for the pain that it has caused to members of our community. We will make things right and set ourselves as a better example for others.”

Vertagear went on to write that it’s put new measures in place and created a “more defined guideline” to try and prevent itself from pedalling misogyny in the future.

But as Twitch partner LocoTV pointed out, this was far from a one time deal for the gamer brand. Screenshots of four past tweets, including three from 2021, showed Vertagear engaging in other toxic stereotypes, seemingly in a play to look cool to the type of people who regularly make Twitch chats a cesspool.

In the meantime, some people are calling for gaming influencers to not display any Vertagear chairs in their streams and for esports events to not use its chairs as prizes at events. And for every other aspiring gamer brand out there, a simple reminder: You don’t have to tweet sexist shit, or at all for that matter.


  • It’s real weird for a company to joke about this as if it is any way the standard.

    But people are out here acting SO offended over it as if this is something that predominantly female streamers have never actually done, which would be an outright lie.

    Like I know places such as Kotaku think female streamers are almost entirely faultless, blessed beings who can do no wrong, but come on.

    • That’s what you got from this? That Kotaku is the bad here because teh womz won’t stood boobing?

      Fuck. I can’t.

      • Yes, it is quite clear you can’t.

        As it’s got nothing to do with the ‘boobing’, but it absolutely speaks to the fact that places like Kotaku almost never hold female streamers accountable for anything.

        The whole thing is being framed as being so incredibly awful that you’d think stereotype wasn’t just inaccurate but that it was completely false. I mean, “You owe the women in the industry a major apology.” Really? Even the ones who are responsible for said stereotype existing to begin with?

        This sort of outrage never seems to never pop up when whatever X issue in question is actually happening… Only when it’s highlighted in a shitty ‘joke’ or such, so only the one telling said joke gets cancelled.

        I don’t actually care what streamers do on Twitch… People have to choose to watch them. But this sort of outrage takes the bullshit approach of shooting someone repeating a shitty message, while ignoring those responsible for that message even existing to begin with.

        All I’m advocating for is that ALL those responsible get ‘cancelled’, or nobody does. But not this cherry picking bullshit that happens because sites like Kotaku, or cesspools like Twitter, don’t want to hold some people to the same standards that they fucking LOVE to bury others for.

    • By your own admission, the “joke” represented something that is not “the standard”. And I am also sure that you know that the “joke” exists due to a pervasive stereotype that paints women in gaming as shallower/less authentic/whatnot.

      So, it is spreading a harmful AND false stereotype… but your criticism is for the people that are offended by it? And then you try to deflect any discussion from that transparent bias with an irrelevant accusation leveled at Kotaku? (which is also false–Kotaku has reported truthfully on female streamers that have behaved poorly as well.)

      What would have been “better” or “more objective” in your taste? That they reported about this as in the first half but then, they went “anyway, moving past that woke shit, let’s talk about those streamers who DO make themselves the main attraction! Such attention whores, right? Not real gamers. Strange that men almost never do it, right? right?”

    • “LUL chicks, rite? Attention whores AAAAALLL of them, not real gamers like men! And this is not sexism btw, it’s the objective truth! If you can’t take it is because you’re a cuck simping for women.”

      I’m not sure whether you are an incel or not but, boy, do you love to echo their usual rhetoric.

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