How To Get Rare Eggs And Better Monsties In Monster Hunter Stories 2

How To Get Rare Eggs And Better Monsties In Monster Hunter Stories 2
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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is all about raising friendly monsties for battle and taking them on grand adventures. But like most RPGs, there’s monsties and eggs, and then there’s rare monsties and eggs.

There’s a bunch of different options for increasing your monstie’s strengths, with the primary one being the Rite of Channelling — but you’ll also want to hunt down rarer monsties to farm specific gene combinations.

For that, you’ll want to gather rare eggs along your journey.

How to get rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

monster hunter rare eggs
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While you do start off Monster Hunter Stories with a single Velocidrome, you’ll be able to gather monstie eggs as you progress through the story.

For the first few hours, any egg you find in a Monster Den will be of average quality. Your companion Navirou will likely call the eggs ‘light’ or ‘not very stinky’, meaning they’re fairly standard.

But you don’t need to be satisfied with these boring old eggs. Instead, you should hunt down rare eggs.

You’ll first have the chance to grab rare eggs when you’re a few hours into the game’s story. Once you enter the Alcala region, you’ll notice a new type of Den popping up: Rare Monster Dens.

These resemble a gold crystal or honey cluster, and typically contain at least one rare egg.

monster hunter stories rare dens
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What you’ll need to do is head inside to the resident monster’s nest and continue pulling out eggs until one of them shines gold. Navirou will normally call the egg ‘smelly’ or say or it’s relatively heavy, indicating it’s a monstie with higher stats. The egg itself will also glow and shimmer as you hold it.

When you take these rare eggs back to your home stable, you’ll be able to hatch them into monsties with better stats. Generally, these rarer monsties will have better abilities in their gene pool and may also come with additional stats for health or attack.

From there you have a choice: you can ‘steal’ their stats for your party monsties by using the Rite of Channelling (unlocked around 5-7 hours into the game) or raise it in battle.

How to train your monsties with the Rite of Channelling

monster hunter train monsties
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Once you pass the Basarios trial in Alcala, you’ll unlock the option to perform the Rite of Channelling.

This lets you take one gene from a single monstie and transfer it to another.

What you’ll want to do is find enough rare eggs that you have a small army of monsties at your command (as you channel, monsties you ‘steal from’ will leave your party). Then, pick a single monstie to focus on and transfer the rarest skills to that monstie. (Note, you’ll need to temporarily take it out of your party to perform the Rite of Channelling.)

Every monstie in your party has nine gene slots to unlock as it levels up. These give you access to rarer abilities and builds strength — but if you use the Rite of Channelling, you can create rarer combinations that boost your statistics.

Here’s how the chart works out:

monster hunter stories rite of channelling
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The ‘Bingo’ here refers to gathering three genes in a row of the same kind, and can be hugely beneficial for improving attack and strength. You won’t always get the ‘right’ genes in your captured monstie eggs, but it’s a good idea to plan your gene pool rows and build your monsties accordingly.

It’s a long process, but one that’s definitely worth it. Forming those Bingo Bonuses can boost your capabilities as a Monster Rider massively and help out with those tougher enemies you encounter along the way.

You’ll need to experiment with your squad, but if you focus on forming at least one Bingo chain, you should be well on your way to monstie greatness.

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