One Of Twitch’s Most Iconic Streamers Threatens To Quit Over Unrelenting Sexual Harassment

One Of Twitch’s Most Iconic Streamers Threatens To Quit Over Unrelenting Sexual Harassment
Image: Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Sweet_Anita has threatened to quit streaming due to the “mental toll of being at the mercy” of strangers hyper-sexualising her online.

In an interview with HuffPost, Anita claimed the pressure was not “survivable” long-term.

“These people are literally ruining my experience of streaming,” she told the HuffPost. “It’s basically like having millions of people be your boss, and your boss is allowed to sexually harass you every day.”

Anita boasts over 1.7 million followers on the platform, where she has risen to success for playing games like Overwatch and Among Us. However, it’s also worth noting that her real name isn’t even Anita, that’s just an online alias she uses because she’s worried about privacy concerns.

She has also made headlines for her Tourette’s Syndrome, which causes her to swear uncontrollably on camera. Combined with her penchant for profanity, Anita quickly rose to fame, gaining 150,000 followers in her first month.

“She’s a naturally entertaining conversationalist,” Woof, one of Anita’s first moderators, told Kotaku. “That, along with the different accents and voices Anita could do, made us think that she was a streamer or should be a streamer.”

However, Anita’s rise to fame has always been peppered with conspiracies, doubters and trolls. There’s also an extra danger: the tics can sometimes cause her to vomit blood if they get too extreme, a byproduct of an autoimmune disorder. And the streamer now has to deal with a NSFW subreddit featuring nude photoshops of her, according to the HuffPo interview.

“No matter what I do or how I dress, they do this to me,” she told HuffPost. “I haven’t ever even taken my clothes off in front of the camera and yet I’m still a successful porn star.”

Following her interview, Twitch released a statement to HuffPost condemning the behaviour.

“Sexual harassment is a societal ill that is never acceptable in any form – be that in the physical or the digital world,” Twitch said in a statement. “Further, community safety is not an end state, and we must, and do, continually evolve our safety policies and tools to ensure they are comprehensive and account for emerging behaviours.”

But unfortunately, no matter how many times we seem to have this conversation regarding sexual harassment on Twitch, the message doesn’t seem to be sinking in for the perpetrators. And sadly, that results in streamers like Anita being left with the choice to continue to tolerate unrelenting sexual harassment, or to simply quit.


  • Online harassment is a massive, horrible thing to suffer through. With AI developing so rapidly, and getting better at text-based things, can’t we train AI bots to be able to pick this stuff up and filter it out? Why are we still so far behind with all of this?

    • i know its not a full solution, but cant streamers just disable the text to speech fuction? I personally find it annoying as all hell when im watching someone and then i hear nothing but text to speech bullshit for a solid 5mins

    • Cause AI natural language comprehension is still dumber than a 3 year old child.
      Its mostly keyword blocking, the same its been for 20 years, just a bit faster.

  • That’s exceedingly rough.. I’m not much of a twitch-er(?), but I remember watching a clip of her talking about her Tourette’s and how it impacts her and how it manifests, which she did in response to a group of… well… “do gooders” trying to call her out for saying the ever dreadful “N” word.

    It was actually quite a good watch. Very eye-opening

  • I am not a frequent viewer of hers on Twitch, but I have seen from time to time the amount of effort she goes to precisely to avoid people making sexual comments, etc, about her.

    And it must be absolutely fucking exhausting to have to be constantly mindful of all the shit she can or can’t do, or can or can’t say, just to avoid setting off dickhead trolls.

  • Certainly an important issue, but i dont get this article, literally the only thing mentioned here of ‘sexual harrasment’ is fake porn made of her. And for some reason there is a statment from twitch, like thats their fault/problem?

    Not to say she doesnt get harassed on stream (i have no idea, never watched her) but just i dont see in this article why she would be quitting, as basically nothing was told/shown of what happens to her and even less so on twitch.

  • When you want people to pay attention to you to make a living, you are inevitably going to have to deal with dickheads of all stripes. It’s been that way from day dot and will never change.

  • Sex sells, and unfortunately it also draws in huge crowds of creeps even if that wasn’t your intention.
    Welcome to the internet cesspool is all I can say.
    Just get some decide moderators (females are safe bet not to be creeps); then text chat ban the creeps… Not that anyone will read this…

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