Guile & Cammy Coming To Fortnite, Look Weird

Guile & Cammy Coming To Fortnite, Look Weird
Image: Epic Games

Street Fighter’s Guile and Cammy are coming to Fortnite which, whatever, who isn’t in Fortnite at this stage. What I’m more interested in here is what the hell happened to Guile’s face.

Here’s what Guile is supposed to look like

L-R: Guile, Guile and Guile (all from official Capcom art) (Image: Capcom) L-R: Guile, Guile and Guile (all from official Capcom art) (Image: Capcom)

Which is weird, I know, but it’s a familiar weirdness. Guile’s overall look is something we’ve had 30 years to get used to, and we have, and so we now notice when Guile does not look like Guile.

And this Fortnite version of Guile does not look like Guile. The uniform checks out, the overall silhouette of the man checks out, but instead of looking like a “very animated 80s GI Joe action figure”, Fortnite’s Guile looks like a dude who drives an overly-large truck, had to sleep on a friend’s couch last night and is now using a mop to cosplay as his favourite Street Fighter character.

He does, admittedly, look better with shades on, maybe because it covers up the Fortnite art style’s weirdly lifeless eyes:

Image: Epic Games Image: Epic Games

Having trashed his design enough, I will say something nice about it: the handcuffs are a great touch, seeing as they’re likely a nod to a famous old glitch found in the arcade version of Street Fighter II:

The easiest way to do this move when the enemy is dizzy. Execute the motion for a Flash Kick (charging down and then pressing up and kick) and hit the strong and forward buttons, while trying to hit strong a split second before hitting forward.

If done correctly, Guile’s throw should execute and damage the foe; however, the opponent will be frozen and stuck (or “handcuffed”) in front of Guile until the player uses the Invisible Throw to “unlock” them.

Anyway, also joining Guile is Cammy, and Cammy looks great.

Image: Epic Games Image: Epic Games

Both characters will be available in the game on August 7


  • Guile looks like Jason Statham with the aforementioned mop (or styrofoam french fries) stuck to his head.

  • So…. You criticised the look of Guile because it’s not “Guile” and went on to complain about Fortnite’s inability to craft non “dead” eyes, going so far as to say that Guile looks better when you Canty see them…

    Yet say Cammy looks great, even though she looks nothing like “Cammy” (her face is even worse than Guile’s) and has the same lifeless eyes…

    While calling them both “weird” in the headline… I spose 28 years of familiarity. With Cammy isn’t enough years to familiarise ourselves with her, as the 30 years for Guile…

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